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1.     Know more about Restaurant Interior Designer                                        

Before any restaurant is built, the organizational sequence should be carefully planned. It is essential to establish what meals will be offered, and at what quality and quantity. It is necessary to decide whether it will be a–la-carte with fixed or changing daily menus, place or table service, self-service or a mixed system. Before deciding on the layout, it is important to know the anticipated numbers and type of clientele and the store design, as well as in electrical, heating and ventilation systems and washing/ toilet facilities. A restaurant designer work through every phase of construction process. A very prime responsibility of a Restaurant Designer is to create a set of all documents that indicates the design intent that how your restaurant concept should be built.

2.     Design Rules for Restaurant

Restaurants are often build in several phases or are added in stages to existing Restaurant. Therefore, the design like circulation system, floor levels and construction must be such as allow variety of extension possibilities. While designing the Restaurant building, building should be environment friendly, mainantence free, disabled friendly, there should be emergency exits, ramps, fire alarms, and at most important Minimum energy expenditure for ambient light and climate control.The Restaurant as a building type is composed of complex components, each of these components well tax of the talents of restaurant design architect, mechanical engineers and the other professions and skills involved in Restaurant design construction. In Restaurant design the extents of services, kind of equipment’s, space requirements etc., will vary with the each Restaurant and must be related to the facilities the restaurant is to perform.

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3.     Various Permission required for Restaurant construction?

For constructing a Restaurant various noc’s and building permissions required. Local Bodies like, Pune Municipal Corporation, PMRDA, PCMC grant the permission for Restaurant building. Permission consist in various form of noc’s,  For example, NA Order, Plinth Checking, Health Noc, Garbage Noc, Garden Noc,  Water Noc, Drainage Noc, etc.

4.     Cost required for Restaurant Interior Design

The cost involved in the interior of Restaurant are high. The Restaurant Building Cost should conform to the relevant regulations and guidelines. However a Restaurant Designer may charge the cost for Restaurant design on lump sum basis or at the 10% of total interior cost for comprehensive interior services.

5.     Design Parameters involved in Restaurant Plans

Restaurant design is one of the most critical aspect to making restaurant successful. Creating a restaurant design involves space required for human siting and movement, making the optimum utilization of space within the area you have. The very basic of design, the position of the site will suggest what type of inn or restaurant is likely to suitable. The main room of a restaurant is the customer’s dining room and the facilities should correspond with type of operation.

Any function or conference rooms should have movable furniture to allow flexibility of use. A food bar may be installed for customers who are in a hurry. Large dining rooms can be divided into zones. The kitchen, storerooms, delivery points, toilets and other service areas should be grouped around the dining room. Structural columns in a dining room are best in the middle of a group of tables or at the corner of a table. A very important ceiling height of a dining room should relate to the floor area. Certainly the following table shows walkaway width in dining floor area

Dining Floor AreaWalkway Width
Up to 100 m2>1.10M
Up to 250 m2>1.30 M
Up to 500 m2>1.65 M
Up to 1000 m2>1.80 M
Over 1000 m2>2.10 M

6.     FAQ about Restaurant Interior Designer

     i.            What is average seating capacity of a restaurant?

Adjudge the seating in your restaurant floor plan is a difficult task while opening a new restaurant or remodeling an existing one. Whereas dining room requires the 60% of total area and the rest 40% used for Kitchen, cooking, storage and other preparation etc.

   ii.            What are the different areas of a restaurant?

There are many types of restaurant to be open, but restaurant majorly divided into 3 types I.e. Traditional Restaurant, Speciality Restaurant, Ethnic Restaurant, Drive in Restaurant, or a public house like pub etc.

 iii.            What is important when designing a layout of restaurant?

A restaurant layout need to be designed in a well manner which allows customer to find their way inside the restaurant easily.  Its ensures the proper circulation and movement of restaurant staff as well the customers in restaurant.

  iv.              What shape table is best for a small space?

Oval tables are best fit for narrow or small space. And Round tables require more floor area.

   v.            How much does it cost to build a small restaurant kitchen?(H3)

The cost to build a small restaurant kitchen is depends types of restaurant. For instance, standard Restaurant will cost 3500 Rs to 4500Rs per square foot. Find details of restaurant kitchen here –

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