Drainage and Sanitation Requirements in UDCPR 2020

Apr 07, 2024

UDCPR 2020 Chapter 12 is all about the Structural Safety, Water supply, Drainage, and Sanitary Requirements, Outdoor Display, And Other Services in Development Plans as per mentioned in the UDCPR 


This is Applicable to all Planning Authorities and Regional Plan Areas except Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Other Planning Authorities/Special Planning Authorities/ Development Authorities within the limit of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, MIDC, NAINA, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, Hill Station Municipal Councils, Eco-sensitive/Eco-fragile region notified by MoEF & CC and Lonavala Municipal Council, in Maharashtra.


Rule No. 12.6 Drainage and Sanitation Requirements


12.6.1 General


1)  There should be at least one water tap and arrangement for drainage in the vicinity of each water-closet or group of water closets in all the buildings.


2)  Each family dwelling unit on the premises (abutting on a sewer or with a private sewage disposal system) shall have, at least, one water closet and one kitchen-type sink. A bath or shower shall also be installed to meet the basic requirements of sanitation and personal hygiene.


3)  All other structures for human occupancy or use on-premises, abutting on a sewer or with a private sewage disposal system, shall have adequate sanitary facilities, but in no case less than one water closet and one other fixture for cleaning purposes.


12.6.2  For Residences


1) Dwelling with individual convenience shall have at least the following fitments: 


a) One bathroom provided with a tap and a floor trap

b) One water closet with a flushing apparatus with an ablution tap; and

c) One tap with a floor trap or a sink in the kitchen or wash place.


2) Dwelling without individual conveniences shall have the following fitments:


a) One water tap with a floor trap in each tenement.


b) One water closet with flushing apparatus and one ablution tap, bath for every two tenements, and


c) One bath with water tap and floor trap for every two tenements.


12.6.3 For Buildings Other than Residences


The requirements for fitments for drainage and sanitation in the case of buildings other than residences shall be in accordance with Table No.12-C to 12-P. The following shall be, in addition, taken into consideration:


a)  The figures shown are based upon one (1) fixture being the minimum required for the number of persons indicated or part thereof.


b) Building categories not included in the tables shall be considered separately by the Authority.


c) Drinking fountains shall not be installed in the toilets.


d) Where there is the danger of exposure to skin contamination with poisonous, infectious or irritating material, washbasin with eye wash jet and an emergency shower located in an area accessible at all times with the passage / right of way suitable for access to a wheel chair, shall be provided.


e) When applying the provision of these tables to provide the number of fixtures, consideration shall be given to the accessibility of the fixtures. Using a purely numerical basis may not result in an installation suited to the needs of a specific building. For example, schools should be provided with toilet facilities on each floor. Similarly, toilet facilities shall be provided for temporary workmen employed in any establishment according to the needs, and in any case, one WC and one washbasin shall be provided.


f) All buildings used for human habitation for dwelling work, occupation, medical care or any purpose detailed in the various tables, abutting a public sewer or a private sewage disposal system, shall be provided with minimum sanitary facilities as per the schedule in the tables. In case the disposal facilities are not available, they shall be provided as a part of the building design for ensuring high standards of sanitary conditions in accordance with this section.


g)  Workplaces where crèches are provided, they shall be provided with one WC for 10 persons or part thereof, one washbasin for 15 persons or part thereof, and one kitchen sink with floor tap for preparing food/milk preparations. The sink provided shall be with a drinking water tap.


h)  In all types of buildings, individual toilets and pantries should be provided for executives and for meeting/seminar/conference rooms, etc., as per user requirements.


i)  Where food is consumed indoors, water stations may be provided in place of drinking water fountains.


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