Privacy Policy

Welcome to a website owned, designed, developed and controlled by Chauras Foot Private Limited a company registered in India under the companies act 2013 having it’s registered office at flat no. 9, samada apartment, s. no 48/1, ketkar road, erandawana, Pune, Maharashtra, India, 411004. The website is unauthorized website of chauras foot private limited. The website aims to impart knowledge to the users regarding government laws and rules relating to compliances related to pre and post building construction. The website also aims to provide building construction services, real estate related services, consultation related to purchase and sale of real estate, services relating to compliances in real estate transactions and building construction, consultation related to land laws, dealing/transacting for land acquision /s, services relating to building construction etc. as per the laws and regulations in the republic of India i.e. bharat only. The website may also provide services like advertisement, promotion, digital marketing etc.

A person visiting or using the services offered over the website is encouraged to read and understand the privacy policy of the website. By visiting the website the user agrees to accept that the user has clear understanding of the privacy policy of the website. The owner of the website reserves the right to change/upgrade the privacy policy as and when required by the management or by the law.

A user may visit the website without submitting any personal information. a user is required to provide personal information such as name, cell number, email id, address for communication to avail services of this website such as knowledge center and various calculators developed by the company. The information provided by the user shall be used to provide the services in accordance with the service request raised by the user. The user may have to provide further information such as identification codes, credit card/debit card, bank details etc. in case of some specific paid services that are activated on specific requests of the user.

The website maintains the information provided by the users in various databases. The user information in the database of the website might be used for sending promotional material, emailers, reminders, intimations etc. to the users in respect of the services of the website with a prior consent of the user. The website may provide the information of users in the database of the website to any third party in a careful manner for any commercial purpose like advertisement, promotion, sales, marketing, reminders etc. to the associates of the owners of the websites. The website reserves right/s to sell/ disclose/ share/ distribute information in the database to any third party for any purpose as required by the third party. The owner of the website has no liability to either inform or intimate the user/s to provide any prior intimation or any formal disclosure in respect of the above mentioned activities. The user acknowledges that in case of any valid judicial or statutory requirement, the website shall not be liable to either inform or intimate the user/s prior to the formal disclosure of the user information to respective authorities.

A user may request the owner of the website to not to user his/her personal information for the purposes mentioned above at any point of time by sending an email to in accordance with the requirement of the respective user.