Solid Waste Management in UDCPR 2020

Apr 08, 2024

UDCPR 2020 Chapter 13 is all about the Special Provisions for Certain Buildings as per mentioned in the UDCPR 


This is Applicable to all Planning Authorities and Regional Plan Areas except Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Other Planning Authorities/Special Planning Authorities/ Development Authorities within the limit of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, MIDC, NAINA, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, Hill Station Municipal Councils, Eco-sensitive/Eco-fragile region notified by MoEF & CC and Lonavala Municipal Council, in Maharashtra.


Rule No. 13.5 Solid Waste Management


It shall be mandatory for :-


i) Housing complexes, commercial establishments, hostels, and hospitals have an aggregate built-up area of more than 4,000 sq.m. or more.


ii) All three-star or higher category hotels.


Establish a dedicated solid waste management system to treat 100% of the wet waste generated in such buildings.


The treatment of wet waste shall be done through an organic waste composters/vermiculture pits or other similar technologies of suitable capacity installed through reputed vendors.


The disposal of dry waste, e-waste, and hazardous waste shall be carried out through authorized recyclers or any other system as specified by the Authority


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