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1.     Know more about Hospital Architecture Design                                            

Building a hospital is a highly complex project and requires systematic planning to deliver required service. Therefore large number of consultants are involved in it. In other words hospital architecture design process must satisfy the needs of all functions involved in it. For instance accommodation, research, teaching, medical activity, storage and administration. Moreover, f hospital  architecture planning team consists of not only the architect but also other professionals. For instance liasoning architect, building contractor, specialist engineers, mechanical and plumbing consultants, etc. Hence, everyone needs to co-operate closely throughout the planning and the construction stages. Similarly find other architects on this link https://foot2feet.com/construction-services/architect-in-pune/

2.     Design Rules for Hospital Building

Hospital are often build in several phases or are added in stages to existing hospital. Therefore, the design of circulation system, floor levels and construction must be such as to allow variety of extension possible. After that hospital building, should be environment friendly, maintenance free, disabled friendly, etc. In addition to this there should be emergency exits, ramps, fire alarms, sprinklers, strecher lifts, etc. However Minimum energy expenditure for artificial light and temperature should be controlled. In conclusion Find design rules for hospital for PMC here https://pmc.gov.in/informpdf/DC%20RULES_OLDLIMIT.pdf

3.     Various Permissions required for Hospital Architecture construction

For constructing a hospital various noc’s and building permissions are required. In addition to this local Bodies like, Pune Municipal Corporation, PMRDA, PCMC grant the permission for Hospital building. Whereas, Maharashtra government also grants the permission for additional floor space index (FSI) for hospital building. However Permission consist in various form of noc’s.  For Instance, NA Order, Plinth Checking, Health Noc, Garbage Noc, Garden Noc,  Water Noc, Drainage Noc, Charitable trust Noc’s etc. In conclusion hospital architecture design involves many parameters of designs like Hospital plans, building cost, hospital interiors, NOC’s required,etc

4.     Cost required  for Hospital Architecture design

The cost involved in the construction of hospital are extraordinary high. The Hospital Building Cost should conform to the relevant regulations and guidelines. However, Hospital design architect may charge the cost for hospital design on lump sum basis. Similarly some also charge on percentage basis like 3% of total construction cost for comprehensive architectural services. Similarly, for construction of hospital building Typical cost allocations are as follows-

a.       Weather sealed structure                                            Approx. 22%

b.      Fitting out and services                                               Approx. 40%

c.       Installation and medical equipment                         Approx. 20%

d.      Incidental costs                                                            Approx. 18%

5.     Design Parameters involved in Hospital Architecture Plans

Complex components involved in Hospital design construction are taken care by architect, mechanical engineers and the other professionals. Moreover, In hospital design kind of services, kind of equipment’s, space requirements etc., varies with each hospital. In other words it is related to the services the hospital is to perform. For instance gynaec hospital will have low height risers for staircase. Certainly specialized equipment’s and facilities which are peculiar to a hospital as follows –

a)     Surgical Suite

b)    Nursery                                 

c)     Pediatric Nursing units

d)    Diagnostic X-ray Suite

e)    Pharmacy             

f)     Teletherapy Unit               

g)    Electroencephalographic suite (ECG)

h)    Physical Therapy Department

i)     Occupational Therapy Department           

j)     Laboratory           

k)    Labor-Delivery Suite

l)    Radioisotope Facility

m)  Outpatient Activity           

n)   Emergency Activity          

o)   EDP Unit                                                                                                              

6.     FAQ about Hospital Architecture Plans

     i.            How much floor space does a 200 bedroom hospital need?

On an average, for 200 bedroom hospital needs 220 Square meter floor space.

   ii.            What is the need for hospital planning?

Most priority is given for planning, organizing and coordinating healthcare or hospital building. After that circulation flow is designed for each unit responding to events such as the emergency ward. In addition Operation Theater, Out door patient department, etc. is also designed.

 iii.            How much space needed for a hospital bed?    

Most of the hospital beds are 85” in length. Moreover the standard size for hospital bed is of 80”L  x 36 “W.

 iv.            What are the different rooms in a hospital?

Many types of rooms are there in hospital like Anesthetics room, Anesthetic discharge room, Sterile goods room, Equipment room, Sub sterilization room, etc. Similarly there is Plaster room, out door patient units, ICU, NICU, PICU etc. In addition to this it also has Nurses lounge, Nurses Workstation, Dictation room, Pharmacy, Cleaning room, Standing area for clean bed, Patient room, Rest room/Kitchenette, Station doctor etc.

   v.            How much does it cost to build a hospital per square feet?

The cost to build hospital depends upon city to city. However standard multi-specialty hospital will cost Rs 2000-2500 per square foot.

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