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Hospital Architecture

Design Architect

Designing of Residential, Commercial, Institutional buildings.

Liasoning Architect

Procure Building Permission from PMC, PCMC & PMRDA.

Landscape Architect

Designing of Garden, Open space, Terrace, Podiums, etc.

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Yes! Foot2feet is the platform to meet Experienced and Knowledge able architect. I’m happy with the overall service. Mainly the work was completed on time and in budget.
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1.     Know more about Architect in Pune

The human being, however, is not just a living creature that needs space. However, the emotional response is no less important. The way a room is dimensioned, divided, painted, lit, entered and furnished by Architect has great significance which makes impression. Hence An architect understand the relationships of the size of limbs of a healthy being and how much space a person occupies in various postures and in movement. Architects are  professionals who are trained in the art and science of building design. In short architect plays a key role in the construction activity by not only creating overall look of building but also other structures.

2.      Roles and responsibilities of Architect in Pune

Usually people needs places like where to live, play, worship, meet, eat, work, and shop. For instance architects are responsible for designing these places. From the very initial discussion with the client through the final delivery of the completed structure they are involved in every phases of a construction project. Whereas an prime role of an architect is to create design for any kind of construction projects. For which it requires his specialist construction knowledge and extra ordinary high level drawing skills to design building that are functional, safe, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

3.      Types of Architect in Pune

A first person to whom we choose to build our dream project is an Architect who gives an astonishing impression. There are many types of architect to choose from as per our rewuirement, here is major of them listed –

i.                   Residential Architect

ii.                 Commercial Architect

iii.                Bungalow Specialist Architect

iv.                 Liaisoning Architect

v.                  Industrial Architect

vi.                 Landscape Architect

vii.                Interior Architect


4.      Design Parameters involved in Architecture

Architect are familiar with the dimensions of theappliances, clothing etc. which  people encounter every day, inorder to be able to determine the appropriate sizes for containersand furniture. For instance must know how much space a person needsbetween furniture in the kitchen, dining room, libraries etc. inorder to undertake the necessary reaching and working amongthese fittings in comfort without squandering space. Certainly architect must know how furniture should be placed so that people can fulfil their tasks or relax in the home, office or workshop. And, finally,the architect need to know the minimum practicaldimensions of spaces in which people move around on a dailybasis, like trains, trams, vehicles etc. Above all typically very restricted minimum spaces give the architect fixed impressions,which are then used, even if unintentionally, to deliver dimensions of other spaces. Find pdf of architectural data here. https://www.pdfdrive.com/architects-data-e18947586.html


5.     Cost required for Architectural design

The cost involve in the Architectural design are depend wise. As Comprehensive Architectural Services in the conditions of Engagement including Site Development but Excluding Landscape Architecture, Interior Architecture, Graphic and Signage are approx 3% or more of total cost of construction project. In the same vein, some architect charge on lump sum basis. You can only buy as house plan for small scale construction. 

6.     How Do I choose an Architect in pune

Selecting an architect is for your dream home is one of the important and prime task in process of constriction. Because if you mistakenly choose wrong Architect; the whole project will lead to nowhere. So, first ever thing you can do is Google “Top Architect in pune” and check whether they are providing what you are looking for. This process may seem difficult to some of you. You can get consultation and free quotation from foot2feet.com as well. Hiring an architect from local city is a toughest challenge in competition world. As Architect in pune would also know the building codes and zoning requirement. For any query. Get more information to know the step by step guide for any construction. https://foot2feet.com/blog/a-9-step-guide-for-construction-of-any-building/


7.     FAQ about Architect in Pune

        i.            How much do architectural firms in Pune charge per square feet?

Architectural cost for normal unfurnished home can be constructed at a cost of 950 – to 1000 rs Per square feet. And a finished home around takes 1250 to 1350 Rs Per Square feet.

      ii.            Do I need an architect or a structural engineer?

If you are doing structural work, then you will need a structural engineer, whereas the role of architect depends on the complexity of project. Structural engineer and architects both design building projects.

    iii.            How long does it take an architect to draw house plans?

The time require to draw house plan is completely depends on the size of project. Whereas total set of plan for typical 3 bedroom house takes upto 7 to 8 hours to complete.

     iv.            What is difference between an architect and designer??

The basic difference between Architect and interior designers are professionals who develops design plans. Architects design and deliver the complete building, In the same vein Designer always tries to create the desired feel, look and mood within the building.

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