different types of nocs for construction you should be aware of

Construction NOC

different types of nocs for construction you should be aware of

Different types of NOC’s for construction you should be aware of

When you make a dream of new home and opt to execute it, you enter into the pre-approvals’ stage. Many of us know how to take decisions but very few know that there is list of documentation needed for it to come in existence. Every builder and owner of the land has to give applications and documents which are required for building constructions and its clearance.

We perform site surveys before the execution of actual building. They are done to measure the piece of land for its boundaries, neighborhood, area which it lies in, nearby natural resources and artificial facilities. Number of soil tests is also done within the site survey service. With this, we know that there is need of process of approvals or special permissions for your building. 

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After that there are certain ‘No objection Certificates’ required accordingly for building constructions and clearances. Here is the list.

List of NOC required for construction

Fire NOC 

The buildings above defined meters in height need to obtain Fire no objection certificate. The multi-storey buildings can prove destructing in case of fire. Many cases have been noted where thousands of people were killed due to fire incidences. Other than life loss, crores of property loss is also observed. The fire department services tell to first ensure if the building has all fire safety compliances. Once we approach them, the Chief Fire Officers will approve Fire NOC which will be valid for 3 or 5 years depending upon your type of building.

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Heritage NOC

The National Monument Authority of India is a dedicated team of professionals specifically build for the protection and preservation of all art galleries and monuments. There are assigned heritage cells in each city. The Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Site and Remains act of 2010 allows them to enact under the Ministry of culture and one cannot harm the structures by any means. The department of Archaeology has given authority to grant or reject permissions for building constructions if their lands are nearby to areas of historic monuments. The department will see if the project fits into the written bye laws according to the AMASR act 2010 and give the NOC within 30 days.

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Aviation NOC

The ones with domes, chimneys, billboards, and other top elements that can prove disturbing in the path and surrounding area of any space crafts are checked. We will apply for the application to the authority. The NOC certifies that proposed building is away and the airspace if safeguard. The Civil Aviation department approves the plan of construction for any building which follows the rules under SO84 (E). 

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Forest NOC

If the construction come in the forests, the NOC is required. The environmental regulations must be followed to get this document. 

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Garden NOC

The Garden department says that if the owner decides to cut the trees that are now present on his land for new construction then it is necessary to plant the trees 3 times to the ratio of cutting. Once we apply for this NOC, the department officials will visit the land and note the count. Once you plant trees 3 times the ratio to cutting, then the document is approved. This is the most importantducment for building construction is important as the environmental regulations are strict now.

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Road NOC

 Seeing the rush on roads and hike in new building constructions, the government department sets rules to follow for NOC. The buildings near to highways, expressways and traffic roads will be certain to maintain a defined distance for everyone’s safety. This no objection certificate will be approved if the given distance from roads’ and buildings’ center is maintained.

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 The Public Works Department is responsible to approve the PWD NOC. They take care of non-residential buildings other than the ones for Railways, Communications, etc. This  defines that there will no harm towards these governmental buildings. This no objection certificate will be required if there is any such structure near to your land.

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Irrigation NOC

The building must not disturb the Water channels around it. While, constructing new buildings particular pipelines and water channels can be destroyed. In such case, the owner is totally responsible for repairing them. We present that there was no harm in water channels to irrigation department to get this document. 

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M.O.U/Development Agreement NOC

The memorandum of understanding agreement is the document shared between the owner and the builder who undertakes the whole work of construction. This will be statement of benefits with accordance to market and construction revenue bills.

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Your dream will be our priority. Reach the end plans of your every construction goals with our help to understand government rules and regulations better. Wait for no new obstacles and hurdles on your way until we are assisting you with papers and documentation for building constructions and clearances.

 Whilst this list, we must meet in our office to know about your land, plan and dreams and what kind of requirements do you have. 

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