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Zone Certificate – 

Introduction –

Zone certificate or zoning certificate is a document which tells zone of whole Survey number or gut number. Remember, zone certificate is not for a particular plot, it gives idea of whole Survey Number.

Example – If a Survey Number is affected by a 24 M road, one side of road is agriculture zone & other side is residential zone, then zone certificate will mention that the survey number includes Part residential zone, part agriculture zone & a 24.0 M wide road.

But it will not tell exact zone of your plot alone. To know exact zone of plot you have to take zoning demarcation in which authority will mark zone colour codes on your mojani certificate copy.

What is Zone Certificate ?

It’s a particular survey number of document by which any one can know about reservations mentioned in the DP. Zone certificate indicates the zones of land such as residential, Industrial Commercial, Agriculture and other details of the land like water bodies, and flood line.

Why Zone certificate is required?

This is required in order to facilitate the proper use of land for different purposes. Each zone is assigned for a specific purpose like residential, industrial, commercial, Agriculture etc. So to know the status of land to do further construction Zone Certificate is required.

Zone Certificate ensures that lands are properly marked for a specific purpose so that a particular zone intended for a specific purpose is not used for a different one.

How to get zone certificate online?

7/12 Extract is the essential document to get the zone certificate which indicates the ownership of land and all details of particular plot for which zoning certificate is required. For PMRDA we have to do online application. An application to Pune Corporation or respective authority is a way to get zone certificate.

Foot2Feet can help you in getting zone certificate in Pune, in PMRDA, in PCMC, in Maharashtra,in Thane, in Mumbai, in PimpriChinchwad or any municipal council, corporation & town planning or special planning authority like MMRDA.

How to download zone certificate?

Zone certificate cannot be downloaded. Basically, there is a process of Zone certificate in any city or for any location. Respective planning authority can give zone certificate.

In PMRDA there is an online process for Zone Certificate. We get the certificate within 7/8 working days from date of application. While in PMC, there is an offline process and we get the certificate within 4/5 working days from the date of application.

Zone Certificate charges?

To get zone certificate legal fees of 500 Rs has to be paid to government. Other charges like consultant’s fees & cost of getting 7/12 are separate.


10 Zone Certificate
Select Area in which Zoning certification is needed?