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Know More about Aviation NOC

There are certain restrictions when it comes to building an infrastructure around airport. According to Airport Authority of India (AAI) No construction is allowed within 150 meters from runways. Area between 150-500 meters is reserved for airport operation buildings. This rule is applied for any of the infrastructure that is being built near runway. It includes building, chimney, flyover, crane, bill boards, power transmission lines wind turbine, etc.
The requirement of the Aviation NOC certificate is very important as it is the first step towards starting out with construction of your private or commercial architecture. The Aviation NOC or in some cases called as Elevation NOC involves AAI Ministry of Defense (MOD). The job to get this certificate may seem hectic process and that’s why we are here. Foot2Feet is airport NOC consultant that assists organizations and individuals to generate Aviation NOC certificate.
We will understand the information regarding Elevation NOC with the help of following question and answers:


What does aviation NOC mean?

While building architecture around the airport area it is mandatory to issue no objection certificate from Airport Authority of India or from Ministry of Defense. It is because of safety measures. To grant the certificate, the builder or individuals must pass the parameter. The building must be under__ meters if it is being build on the land that is 600 meters away from runway. The parameter changes according to the location of the land. As soon as the builder gets this certificate, he can start the construction without any hustle

Steps to get aviation NOC?


Even though this NOC is required to get started with the construction, getting it ready is a hectic job. Many of the builders spend their valuable time to issue the certificate. Considering this hustle, at Foot2Feet, we will assist you with everything that is required to get the NOC. Following are the step by step explanation to get NOC.

1. To see whether you need to get the NOC or not, you need to check that on what Color Code Zoning Map (CCZM) code does your land comes in. AAI has decided some color coding for the land with respect to how far is it from airport. CCZM has different color codes. The color code is usually red, yellow, blue, green, etc. CCZM tells you whether to build or not. If your land comes under red zone then it will have some restrictions to build- even you are building a small hut. If you are building on land that comes under yellow and green zone then until some limitations you will not required certificate. The CCZM is calculated with respect to altitude and latitude.
2. When you know on what color zone your land is, you can move forward with next step that is getting AMSL height certificate from local authority. AMSL is the abbreviation for above mean sea level to issue this document; it takes 1.5 to 2 months. As you get this certificate from local authority then in next step you will have to send this to AAI or MOD depending on the area and airport authority.
3. After you submit the AMSL height certificate along with required document to Airport Authority, they will verify the entire document and will give you final NOC. This whole process will take up to 3 months.

Document required for aviation NOC


The document required to issue aviation NOC are mentioned below

1) Elevation certificate –
2) Appendix-
3) Garbage NOC-
4) Drawing of building section including water tank
5) Drawing of building elevation including water tank

In what scenario the elevation certificate is required?

Building anything near the air port is the serious issue. There are certain restrictions to build on the land. This certificate is required if your land comes under red zone. You have to get the permission from AAI to build on the land that comes under red zone. The red zone is less than 6 km from the air port. The restriction changes according to color coding map. It is required to get NOC for any of the infrastructure that is being built near runway. It includes building, chimney, flyover, crane, bill boards, power transmission lines wind turbine, etc.

Time duration required for aviation NOC?


The time duration to generate elevation certificate from local authority such as___ is one and half month. As soon as you submit this certificate to AAI it takes 3 months to get the final NOC.

Cost Involved in generating Aviation NOC

The cost involved in getting aviation noc normally cost depends upon authority who issue elevation certificate. Elevation certificate cost varies from 16000 rs to 40000 rs. For aviation clearance, no government charges required.


Is there any validity for this NOC  ? 


Yes, Aviation NOC certificate is valid for 5 Years from date of it’s issuance.


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