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What is Predcr and Predcr Drawing?

Predcr is a software application which is created by “softteck” company to read the online submission drawings of Municipal Corporation
for many cities in India. For instance, it’s used by Pune municipal corporation, Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, Nasik Municipal
Corporation, Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, Bhopal municipal corporation, Chennai Municipal Corporation and many other. Pre dcr plays a significant role in online building permission. In the same vein, using Predcr software, Municipal corporations get detail report of Predcr drawing for submitted proposal of building permission. In conclusion, Predcr works under Auto cad environment with additional menu and toolbar.


The flowchart of getting building permission from Pune Municipal Corporation as follows –  


When Predcr Drawings required?

At the time of every new building sanction or revise building sanction from Local bodies like, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) or Pimpri Chinchwad municipal corporation (PCMC), you need to get Predcr drawings run as per Autodcr software requirements.




Time to prepare Predcr drawing?

When architect finalize the drawing for proposal of online building permission, subsequently Predcr gets to be run as per autodcr requirement. It generally takes upto 2 to 3 days to prepare Predcr drawings



Charges for Predcr Drawing?

Generally Predcr Makers charge in between 3000/- Rs to 8000/- Rs depending on the project size to make the Predcr drawings.



Responsibility of Predcr maker?

Predcr maker is free to use Autocad commands and Predcr commands.To achieving the architectural plan in dwg format as per autodcr software requirements is the main responsibility of Predcr maker. Using the Predcr commands, users or Predcr makers can create all the required layers in one click. Once all the layers are created in the drawing Predcr maker can use autocad commands to draw layout plan. In addition as per autodcr requirements all building items like proposed plot, proposed work should be drawn on the corresponding layers. Sort commands are provided to activate any layer in Predcr.



More about Predcr software?

Pre dcr software works under AutoCAD environment with additional menu and toolbar. It highlights all the failed entities if any, further Predcr software is used to modify or to make and verify the existing or new architectural plan as per AutoDCR software requirements. Followings are some benefits of Pre Dcr software –

       a. Standardization of submission drawingPredcr software brings uniformity and standardization in submission drawing format. Most importantly Pre dcr software corrects some minor drafting errors and provides list of failed entities with auto zooming facility.

        b. Operational Ease and convenience Data redundancy is eliminated from the drawing. Only minimum required entities are to be drawn in the drawing as most of the data will be auto detected by the system from existing available data

        c.  Increased Speed and efficiency PreDCR facilitates auto-insertion of many drawing entities like parking, door, windows, bedrooms etc. of required size and number. Further Test auto-insertion facility saves text typing efforts. Auto-dimensioning and auto-calculation facility saves calculation efforts. Moreover using Predcr software, a user can create all the required layers at one click.




Example of PreDCR Drawing– The Predcr drawings differ slightly from architectural drawings. The difference between the two is shown in 2 images below. The architectural drawing of a building is shown below –

The PreDCr drawing of same building looks like below –

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