different types of nocs for construction you should be aware of

Jan 17, 2024

Know more about NOC (No Objection Certificate) for Building Construction

Every person who intends to carry out new development and erect, re-erect or make any alterations in any place in a building or demolish any building essential to obtain building permission from local planning authority. Similarly, Building permission is the No Objection Certificate for Building Construction. You can make the application for Construction Noc through registered architect or licensed engineer/ structural engineer, to the authority planning authority.


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What are the documents required for Building Permission?

To obtain construction noc, it is mandatory to submit complete information in the form with all necessary documents. Subsequently, Payment receipt of scrutiny fee and any other fee /charges needs to be attached along with the application for Construction Noc.  Below is the Checklist of documents required for building permission-

a)  Application for Building permission

    b)  Mojani map showing plot boundaries

    c)   7/12 or property card

    d)      Property Fer-Faar (Mutation Entries)

    e)      PREDCR drawing & report

    f)       Zoning Demarcation

    g)      Building drawing as per DC rules 2017

    h)      Structural stability certificate

    i)        Site supervisor Letter

     j)        Owner Registration to PMC

     k)      Tax NOC

 l)        Title & Search Report

m)   Aviation NOC (or elevation certificate)

n)      Society Allotment letter & NOC

o)      Site Photos

p)      Layout Plan (If available)


Procedure for Building Approval

The process involves to obtain building permission is subject to stringent scrutiny. Following are the step by step process involves in online permission-

Step 1.  Procuring all required documents.

Step 2.  Online application with Pre-dcr drawing to get Pre Approval.

Step 3. Offline file submission.

Step 4. Site visit report and order by Building Inspector

Step 5. Payment of Challan.

Step 6. Final stamp on blueprint and get Commencement Certificate.



List of Other NOC required for construction

When you make a dream of new home and opt to execute it, you enter into the pre-approvals’ stage. Many of us know how to take decisions but very few know that there is list of documentation needed for it to come in existence. Every builder and owner of the land has to give applications and documents which are required for building constructions and its clearance. Following are the list of various NOC’s requires for the construction as depends on the project-


a)     Fire Noc

b)     Aviation Noc

c)     Garden Noc

d)     Forest Noc

e)     Heritage Noc

f)      Road Noc

g)     PWD Noc

h)     Irrigation Noc

i)       M.O.U / Development Agreement Noc.


 FAQ about Building Permission-

1.     What are the various factors occurs to get noc for building?

Specifically, Various factors are involved in building permission. However it starts from  the identification and authentication of land, to check that building conforms to all the standards of safety and regulations, distance from road, distance of surrounding buildings, height of proposed construction, and any other criteria set by the local planning authorities arises time to time.


2.     What are the Building Rules in PCMC?


Click here https://pmc.gov.in/sites/default/files/DC%20Rul%202017.PDF
for PMC Building Rules DCPR 2017.


Click here https://www.pcmcindia.gov.in/PDF_forms/Dc_rule.pdf for PCMC Building Rules.





           3.How much time it takes to get Construction NOC?

   Generally, from the date of final application along with necessary documents to local planning authority, it takes upto 25 days or more to obtain Construction Noc or Building PermissionOne should seek this process while constructing a new building. Also it is required at time of extension, Addition of floor, Lift addition  in existing building. Remember, for any interior changes approvals are not required


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