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Services Related to Architectural Drawing

Survey Drawing

Detail measurements of the existing land, levels, area etc.

Presentation drawing

2d & 3d presentation of design ideas to visualize actual design

Hospital Architecture

Working drawing

Detail drawing including section, elevation, electrical, doors etc.

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I am working with Foot2Feet for many years now and they never failed to satisfy us. Best CAD Design and Drafting Services.
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Foot2Feet has the wide range of expert draftsman and full time drafting practitioner that makes the design more of a technical and accurate.
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Introduction: In a simplest way architectural drawing is the technical drawing of the house, building or any kind of structure. The drawing represents the conventional structure with the help of lines and special symbols. That is why it is also called as “blue print”. There are many purpose of architectural design such as design the idea of the building, communicating ideas to client, understand the scope of the project and many more.

It is mainly designed in Auto CAD. The Auto Cad Design and Drafting services comes in 2D as well 3D. It is matter of choice that which CAD Design service you want to go with.  

So let’s discuss the aspects of the drafting services in details.

Types of architectural Drawing:

All the Architectural drafting types mentioned below has the different uses and it changes as per the type of architectural plan such as house plans, Interior design, measure drawing, building measurement services, landscape drawings, roads and bridges drawings,site measurement drawings and many more. So let’s check out what all drafting services type means.

  • Survey Drawing

  • Presentation Drawing

  • Working Drawing

Survey Drawing: Purpose of the Survey Drawing is to take the measurements of existing land, its area, levels, surrounding approach like roads, etc of structures and buildings. Architect requires a proper set of survey drawing as a base for their design, to find out the exact dimensions for the construction work.

Presentation Drawing:Presentation drawing is the presentation of design ideas to visualize the actual design. It can be in 2d and 3d format both. It is used present floor  plans and they are usually realistic that’s why they include people, vehicles, and trees. Some reference images are also used to give an idea of the similar style of design.

Working Drawing: A working drawing is the set of detailed drawings which is very important in building architectural plan. Working drawing includes both architectural and structural drawings. It includes the drawing like, Detail plans, Section, Elevations and drawings for different components like door, window, Water tanks (OHWT and UGWT), Electrical points, Plumbing points, Flooring patterns, etc..

What is a CAD Drawing?

An CAD (Computer aided drawing) is a detailed 2D or 3D drawing that displays the components of engineering or architectural project.

And if we talk about service then Foot2Feet is one of the best Cad drafting & Mechanical drafting services provider in India.

Understanding Architectural CAD:

Architectural CAD is designed using the software Auto CAD. It comes in 2D as well as 3D.  Architectural cad is used to provide services like Drafting Services, architectural drafting,  house plans,  floor plates,  Interior design,  measure drawings, detail drawing of various components, etc.

Foot2feet provides all the CAD Design and Drafting Services that is done by the experts only.

It also includes the structural drawing which is related to structure of the building.It is mostly need by RCC consultants and available in 2D as well as 3D format.

Important Points in CAD drawing services –

  • Accuracy: The CAD drawing for architectural plans need to be very accurate. Minute things matters in the drawing like measurements, dimensions, Room sizes, etc. Error full drawings will cause problem during execution. Centerline drawing which is used to mark the columns on site needs highest degree of accuracy. So it is better if it is done by the experienced draftsman.

There are many freelance CAD drawing services provider like Foot2feet itself.

  • Readability: The final architectural drawing needs to be readable after printing. The job of the CAD Designer and Drafting Services provider is to make it more readable in the print. Like location of dimensions and text written should not overlap in anycase, font size of drawing title, room sizes, and other comments should be readable after printing, in case of presentation drawings Colours should come out properly. The complete set of drawing should be self explanatory.

Process and why Foot2Feet?

If someone wants to get the Cad drafting& Mechanical drafting services can ask us for quotation and their requirement and the vendors that is connected with us will provide the quotation to client. Simple as it sounds.

You can get many professionals CAD draftsman under one roof. The draftsman working with Foot2Feet is highly qualified and has immense knowledge of the field. They are higher level practitioner. Most of them are experienced draughtsman working in big companies and some are full time practitioner.Few of them also do freelancing.  So the chances are you will get this in effective cost.

The most important part of this process is that it is better if it is done by experts. The chances of mistakes will get minimize. 

It should be technical so that the builder will get the clear and in depth idea of the drawing.

Benefits of CAD drafting services

When we use computer for your CAD Design Services it can make your work easy as they already have basic tools present so you don’t have to start from scratch. CAD drafting is most preferable as it is more accurate and precise compared to manual drafting. Foot2Feet believe in going with technology and adopting them. You will get best 2D as well as 3D drafting services from us.

While hiring drafting services, we recommend you to check their work profile and experience. You must check whether they are an expert in your field of work.

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