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Modern Farmhouse

Uses contemporary design elements giving modern look.

Traditional Farmhouse

Local Traditional elements are introduced in design.

Hospital Architecture

Classic Farmhouse

Combination of Modern and Contemporary design.

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1.     Know more about Farmhouse Design Architect                                                                       

Traditionally farmhouses are simply homes which are built on agricultural lands. It serves a residential purpose on agricultural land. Certainly farmhouses are surrounded by a farm or well landscape garden. Farmhouse design architects has an endless challenges to taking old things and making them new again.


2.     Different Style of Farmhouse design

The farmhouse style is a toughest one to finalize. There is lot of  elements in the farmhouse styles like old jars, vintage pieces, cream painted wood, wire crates etc. The farmhouses are designed in various manners from traditional to modern, moreover all have the rural or agricultural flavor. See few styles of farmhouse design –

        i.            French Farmhouse –

       ii.            Cottage Farmhouse

      iii.            Western Farmhouse

      iv.            Modern Farmhouse

       v.            Classic Farmhouse

      vi.            Rustic Farmhouse

     vii.            Bohemian Farmhouse


3.     Cost required for Farmhouse design


The cost involved in the Farmhouse design are extraordinarily high. Cost required for the farmhouse design totally depends on the architect you select. Some of farmhouse designers may charge the cost for modern farmhouse design on lump sum basis.  On other hand some farmhouse design architect may charge at the 5% of total cost of construction. In addition you can also get the customized farmhouse floor plan here


4.     Design Parameters involved in Farmhouse Design

While designing a farmhouse, ample space must be allowed for each of the daily activity. Further, it’s not so much related to total space as such things like door width and height, corridor width, plenty of space for furniture like bed or a table  and chairs. Space required for farmhouse kitchen, farmhouse bedroom and farmhouse living room etc. In 1890, farmhouses were covered with a layer of soil for fire protection purposes, certainly its causing plants to grow. After that in the 20th century, during the classic modernist period and with the introduction of flat roofs, the almost forgotten green roof which is rediscovered. Whereas the farmhouse should be fitted into its surroundings. Farmhouse design should always considered the Sunlight, direction of prevailing summer and winter winds, views which  already exist and those that can be developed and location of public  road and driveway etc. In short, farmhouse uses common elements from traditional rural building like timber cladding, A frame roofs, and lofted spaces which is connected to natural surroundings.


5.     Various Permissions required for Farmhouse construction?

For constructing a Farmhouse various noc’s and building permissions required. Local Bodies like, Pune Municipal Corporation, PMRDA, PCMC grant the permission for Farmhouse construction. As you can build farmhouses on agricultural land, so the area requirement to build a farmhouse is of 1 Acre or more. In the same vein you get FSI (floor Space Index) of 4 to build the farmhouse in Pune.


6.     FAQ about Farmhouse Design


        i.            What are the different types of farmhouse style?

French Farmhouse, Cottage Farmhouse, Western Farmhouse, Modern Farmhouse, Classic Farmhouse, Rustic Farmhouse and Bohemian Farmhouse these are the different types of farmhouse style. You can check other various types of farmhouse design  at


      ii.            How big is a farmhouse?

Farmhouse area depends generally upon the requirement. The built up are mostly in between 1000 – 1500 sq.ft. Also you can find many large farmhouses also. Farmhouse design plan is ordinarily of two stories, with plenty of space upstairs for bedrooms, sleek line large windows and open layouts.


    iii.            What is farmhouse siding called?

Farmhouse siding called as clapboard or horizontal siding, lap siding, vinyl or fiber cement siding.


     iv.            What makes a modern farmhouse exterior?

Crisp paint colors is the key to make a modern farmhouse exterior.


       v.            How much does it cost to build a farmhouse in India?

At the rate of Rs. 3000/- per square foot or more is charged to build a farmhouse in India. As this is the basic rate, which may vary on the specification of a construction.


     vi.            What is difference between farmhouse and modern farmhouse?

There is something enduring and warm hearted about farmhouse style, whereas modern farmhouse design takes the comfortable, relaxed farmhouse style which adds modern touches.


   vii.            What kind of wood should I use for a farmhouse table?

Most farmhouse table are made out of pine. Likewise pine is inexpensive and absorbs stain well.


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