7 Types of Construction Calculators by Foot2Feet

Jan 17, 2024

Making life simpler with technology and devices, humans will always search for something new to live it easier. Foot2Feet App is one such invention, made as a one-stop solution to help and solve all queries related to real estate.

Right from the very beginning to the end, this app helps you to take your business ahead in the right ways. You can manage everything as you will be appointed service professionals. 

One of the great features that this app presents the user is the ‘Calculators’. Every construction site needs various complex calculations related to land and building, which differs according to various factors such as location, area, zoning and much more. So we provide automatic calculators which include FSI Calculator, Side margin calculator, water tank capacity calculator, etc and various factors that are important to concentrate on while you are onto a project.

The foot2feet app has all the important real estate calculators that a real estate owner, builder, engineer, architect or any one in construction industry needs.

These construction calculators are :

1. FSI Calculator:

FSI Calculators for both Pune Corporation and PMRDA projects can help you calculate the Floor Space Index of your project.

It has simplified tabs rather than the traditional formula of FSI = Built-up Area/ Plot Area. The traditional formula can help you with rough figures of measurements while FSI calculator calculates as per the plot’s area, building type, area of DP road widening, area under non-DP roads, under DP reservations, open space around and the area they wish to leave open.

With instant results, get an instant idea about construction.

Pune FSI Calculator

2. Side Margin Calculator:

The Side Margin calculator for projects in Pune Corporation works according to DCPR 2017 and in PMRDA as per DCPR 2018. It has 6 question tabs that will help you note the side margin of your building. The tabs are ‘My Preferred Unit’, ‘Width of Access Road’, ‘Height of Building’, ‘Parking Floor Height’, ‘Building Type’, and ‘Metro Zone’

Side Margin Calculator

3. TDR Calculator:

The TDR calculator by F2F helps you to determine the TDR you need to buy in order to extend the area for your project. It has a number of important tabs like ‘required TDR’, ‘Utilization Plot Rate’, ‘Generation Plot Rate’, etc. that will quickly ensure the TDR rate and buying needs.

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4. Water Tank Calculator:

Often residential projects face problems of water scarcity in their societies due to insufficient water storage tanks. These water tanks not only store the water that people can domesticatebut also a surplus amountof it for the Fire System.

To understand the water tank need an exact amount of water a building needs, you should try the F2F water tankcalculator. With this calculator, our app can provide an exact figure to help you understand the right water tank(s) needed for domestication, fire system storage and the total tank storage.

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5. Parking Calculator:

Parking space is one of the biggest issues in cities where people can own more than one vehicle. You may not want to add up more to this restriction which is why it is wise to calculate and understand the parking area requirement.

Parking Calculator

6. Height Calculator:

The height calculator can help you calculate permissible height according to DCPR 2017 for projects under Pune Corporation. It has an input field and road width as the main tabs. One can easily calculate the total height upto which you can construct of a building.

F2F parking calculator can calculate parking requirement for residential building, commercial complexes, hospitals, industrial buildings, etc.

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7. Development charges calculator:

This calculator calculates the tentative challan amount required to pay to PMC for any project to get sanctioned. Depending upon the plot area, FSI and ready reckoner rate this amount varies. You can find tentative amount by input of these fields. Also if you require exact challan amount more details is to be filled.

Development Charges Calculator


The F2F app for real estate businessmen has more than just calculators. To explore the calculators and know more about the application, you should download it, right away.