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Pune Corporation Parking rules for car, scooter, cycle etc

Parking standards, parking dimensions, parking size


 Parking spaces


 Wherever a property is to be developed or redeveloped, parking spaces at the scale laid down in these  Regulations  shall  be  provided.  When  additions  are  made  to  an  existing building,  the  new parking requirements shall be reckoned with reference to the additional space only and not to the whole of building but this concession shall not apply where the use is changed. The provisions for parking of vehicles shall be as given in Table No. 1



General parking space requirements


 (a)  Types of parking: The parking spaces mentioned below include parking spaces in basements or on a floor supported by stilts, podium or on upper floors, covered or uncovered spaces in the plot and / or lock up garages. The height of the stilt shall generally be allowed upto 3 m. and shall not be less than  2.5 m. from bottom of beam. More height may be allowed in case of shopping mall, hotels etc. as per requirements.


(b)  Size  of  parking  space  –  The  minimum  sizes  of  parking  spaces  to  be  provided  shall  be  as shown below in Table. No 2.



Bus parking Dimensions, Bike parking dimensions, standard car parking dimensions.


Parking Size
 – Table No 2


Type of VehicleArea of parking space
Motor vehicle2.5 m X 5 m
Scooter, Motor Cycle.1.0 m. x 2.0 m.
Bicycle0.50 m x 1.4 m.
Transport vehicle3.75 m. X 7.5 m.

Note –  In the case of parking spaces for motor vehicle, upto 50 % of the prescribed space may be of the size of 2.3 m. X 4.5 m.

(c) Marking of parking spaces: Parking space shall be paved and clearly marked for different types of vehicles.

(d)  Manoeuvring  and  other  ancillary  spaces:    Off  street  parking  space  must  have  adequate vehicular  access  to  a  street  and  the  area  shall  be  exclusive  of  drives,  aisles  and  such  other provisions required for adequate manoeuvring of vehicle.

(e)   Ramps  for  Basement  parking:  Ramps  for  parking  in  basement  should  conform  to  the requirement of Regulation n 18

Occupancy CarScCyc
150 sq.m.& above322
Multi-family residential
80 – 150 sq.m.222
  two units242
  40 – 80 sq.m.   
 two units144
  0 sq.m – 40 sq.m.   
Lodging tourist homes, hotels with lodging accommodation.
5 guest rooms344
Restaurants grade 1,2,3
For 50 sqm284
 carpet area   
iv) four
star / five star hotels
5 guest rooms364
Institutional (Hospital, Medical Institutions)
For 10 beds.31210
For 40 seats6164
Community hall and club house in layout open space
For 100 sq.m. area142
3.Educational100 sq.m admin area244
Schools and the administrative as well as public service areas therein
For 3 class rooms2 bus1060
College and administrative as well as public service area therein.
100 sq.m admin area22010
  For 3 class rooms29030
Coaching Classes / Tution Classes/ Hobby Classes
For 20 students1510
or semi public or private business buildings.
For 100sq. m.3154
Mercantile (markets, department al stores, shops and other Commercials users)
including wholesale markets
For 100sq. m393
b) Whole
sale shop
For 100sq. m242
Hazardous building
For 100sq.m.144
office and I.T. Building
For 200sq. m.5124
5.IndustrialFor 300sq. m.4124
(any type)
For 300sq. m.148


    Two wheeler parking rules in society.


Notes below table :-


1)    For plots upto 100 sq. m. as in the case of shops, row houses parking space need not be insisted.


2)    Fraction of parking unit need not be provided. However, in case where proportional number of vehicles is less than 1 (i.e. fraction) it will be rounded to the next full number.

3)    In case of independent single family residential bungalows having plot area upto 300 sq. m., parking space need not be insisted separately.

4)    In case parking as per above norms is not feasible due to site conditions, Mechanical /Hydraulic Parking shall be permissible at different level subject to satisfaction of all technical norms as per site conditions.

5)    Independent building proposed only for parking may be permitted within the same premises but only after leaving the required marginal distance.


Parking Standards –


1     Off street parking space shall be provided with adequate vehicular access to a street, and the area of drives, aisles and
such other provisions required for adequate manoeuvring of vehicle shall be exclusive of the parking space stipulated in these regulations.


2     To meet  the  parking requirements  as  per  these  regulations,  common  parking area  for  group  of buildings,  open  or multi-storeyed,  may be allowed in
the same premises.


3     In addition to the parking spaces provided for building of Mercantile (Commercial) like office, market, departmental store, shopping mall and building of industrial and storage, loading and unloading spaces shall be provided at the rate of one space for each 1000 sq.m. of floor area or fraction thereof exceeding the first 200 sq. m. of floor area, shall be provided. The space shall not be less than 3.75 m. x 7.5 m.


4     The space to be left out for parking as given in this Regulation shall be in addition to the marginal distances left out for lighting and ventilation purposes. However, those spaces may be used for parking provided minimum distance of 3 m. (6.0 m. in case of special building ) around the buildings is kept free of any parking or loading and unloading spaces. Such parking area may be allowed to cover on top by sheet roofing so as not to infringe the marginal distances to be kept open.


5     In case of parking spaces provided in basements, at least two separate ramps of adequate width and slope for entry and exit at opposite ends or one ramp with 6.0m.meter width shall be provided (as per Regulation No. 18.11 )where parking of motor vehicles is envisaged.


6     Mechanical/Hydraulic parking may be allowed over and above required parking