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Regulations for Building Side Margin in Pune



Side Margin for Residential Buildings/ Residential Buildings with mix-use

  1. Front  Marginal  distances-  The  minimum  front  setback  from  the  existing  or  proposed road/roads shall be as under.
Sr. No.Road widthFor Residential buildingFor Residential Buildings with mix-use
(i)For streets/lane less than
4.5 m. width
2.25 m from centre of the lane2.25m.   +1.50   mt.  
from centre of lane
(ii)For streets 4.5m. to less than 6.00 m. in widthNIL1.50 m.
(iii)For  streets  6.00  m.  to less than 12 m. in width1.50 m.2.00 m.
(iv)For streets 12 m to less than 18 m. in width1.50 m2.25 m.
(v)For   streets   18   m   &
above in width
1.50 m2.25 m.
  • For the lanes having width less than 4.5m. abutting to any side of plot, a setback of 2.25m. from the centre of lane shall be provided to make such lane 4.5m. wide. No any projections shall be permissible on such widened lane width.
  • All  other  regulations  excepting  FSI  and  its  maximum  loading  limit,  marginal  distances  as prescribed above, shall be applicable for development permission in congested area.
  • In R-2 zone, for buildings having shops /commercial user on any floor, 50% of front marginal distance shall be made available exclusively for the pedestrians.
  •  Height– Above set back and marginal distances shall be applicable for buildings less than 15 m. in height. Marginal distances shall be increased by 1m. for buildings having height 15 m. and more but less than 24 m. For building having height 24 m. and more, marginal distances shall be as per regulations of non-congested area.

 Setback for Other  buildings  like  Public  semi-public,  Educational,  Medical,  Institutional,  commercial, Mercantile, etc.

(a) Floor  Space  Index      Maximum  FSI  permissible  shall  be  as  per  the  table  under  regulation no.17.1.1 and subject to payment of premium as decided by Government from time to time.

(b) Marginal Distance – For these buildings marginal distances shall be 3 m. on all sides including front margin.

(c) For buildings having height more than 24 m., regulations of outside congested area shall apply for front, side and rear marginal distances.

Provided  also  that,  for  buildings  like  cinema  theatre,  multiplex,  assembly  buildings, shopping malls, regulation of outside congested area, except FSI, shall apply.





Marginal Distances for Residential Buildings Height 15 mt. and Below.

The provisions for minimum marginal distances as given in Table No.1 below shall apply for the

Residential buildings, Residential with mix uses permissible in non-congested areas and ancillary

Residential buildings permissible in industrial zones having height upto15 m. and below.

Table No.1

No.Description of the roadPlot Size Min plot widthFront SideAll other side
1NH/SH45015as per highway3
2MDR/ODR45015 as per odr3
3Roads above 24 M300124.50  – residential
6.00  – residential with mix use
4Roads  below 24 m and upto 18 m.250104.50  m -residential
6.00 m. – mix use
5Roads below 18 m. and upto 15 m.250103.00  mt  for residential
4.50 m – mix use
6Roads below 15 m. and above 9 m.15083.00 mt for residential
4.50 m. – mix use
1.50 or
7Road upto 9 mt. width100731.50 or
8Row Housing30 to 1253.52.25




(1)    Higher height may be permitted subject to marginal distance mentioned in Regulation No.17.2.3.

(2)    The minimum area of plots fronting on service roads along highways shall be with reference to the width of service road.

(3)    For semidetached buildings, side margin shall be on one side only.

(4)    Row-housing plots at the junction of two roads shall be larger to maintain the setback from both roads.

Not more than 12and not less than 3 plots shall be allowed in each block of row housing. Each block shall be separated from the other by 6 m. road or 6 m. side margin distance of the plot or space including side marginal distance of the plot.

(5)    No garage shall be permitted in a building having stilt or basement provided for parking.

(6)    Construction  of  ottas,  railings,  barricades  or  supporting  columns  for  canopy  or  porch  shall  not  be allowed in front marginal distances. However, steps may be permitted within 1.2 m. from the building line. Also supporting columns for canopy or porch may be allowed within building line.

(7)    In no case ribbon development rules shall be relaxed without consent of the Highway Authority. (8)    In case of special building, marginal distances shall be as per said regulations.

(9)    The  plot  width  to  depth  ratio  shall  be  1:1.5  to  1:2.5,  as  far  as  possible  in  case  of  plotted  layout development permission.

(10) In Public Housing Schemes for E.W.S.  undertaken by government or semi-government organizations marginal distances shall be as per their respective schemes and rules.

(11) The front setback set-out in already approved and partially developed layouts / schemes, may be retained as per said approval, so as to maintain the building line.

(12) The pattern of development like semi-detached, row housing, etc. in already approved layout shall be as per said approved layout.

(13) Where commencement certificate is granted prior to publication of draft development plan and the said plot is affected by new road proposed in the development plan, then front margin stand relaxed to that


             Other Buildings: The Provision as given in Table No.2. below shall apply for different categories of other buildings.

Sr. no.Type of buildingRequired RoadSide margins
1Medical buildings  
 a) Hospital, Maternity Homes,
Health Club,
Public Semi-public buildings being special building
12 m6   m.   on   all sides
 b)   Hospital,   Maternity  
Homes, Health  Club, 
Public  Semi-public,
buildings not being special buildings
12 mMargins as per
Table no 6.
 c) Clinics on plot upto area 300 sq.m.9 mMargins as per
Table no 6..
2Educational buildings 
 a)  Pre-primary  School6 m.Margins as per
Table no 6.
 b) Primary  School9 m.4.5m. on all sides
 c) Other Educational Buildings12 m6.00 m. on all sides
3Cinema Theatre/
Drama Theatre/
Assembly Hall/
Multiplex / Shopping Malls
15 mFront -12 m (only one major road)
6 m. on all other sides
4Mangalkaryalaya like buildings12 mFront -12 m (only one major road) 
6 m. on all other sides
5Petrol/Fuel Filling Stations with or without service bays12 m6.00 m. on all sides
6Mercantile,  Business, hotel
mix use with residential buildings.
12 M

Front 6.00 m.

Side & rear 4.5 m.

7Stadium / Pavilion12 M6 m. on all sides


i)     In case of plots fronting on National Highway, State Highway and Major District Roads, the building line shall be as per Ribbon Development Rules as given in Table above, whichever is more.

ii)    Side and rear marginal distances mentioned in above Table shall be subject to Regulation No.17.2.3, whichever is more.

iii)   In case of special building, marginal distances shall be as per said regulations.

iv) Commercial & Shops

1. Shops may also be allowed fronting side and rear margins.

2.   Minimum  area   of   Shops shall be 6 with  a minimum width of 2.00 m

v) Fuel Station – 

1) Fuel filling station shall not be permitted within a distance of 90 meter from the nearest gate of school, hospital and theatre, place of assembly or stadium.

2) In the case of kiosks and other buildings for sales office, snack bars etc. within the plot for fuel filling stations, the setbacks from the boundaries shall be 4.50 m. Further the other clearances for the installations shall be as per the Petroleum Rules of 1937.

vi) Construction of Cinema Theatre/Multiplex   shall confirm to the provisions of Maharashtra Cinema (Regulations) Rules, 1966 and as amended from time to time.


Marginal distances for Buildings of Higher Heights

(a)        Front Margin – Front margin shall be as given below with reference to height of

i)Height above 18 m. & upto 24 m.4.5 m and 6.00 m. for residential with mix use
ii)Height above 24 m. & upto 36 m.6.0 m.
iii)Height above 36 m. & upto 50 m.9.00 m.
iv)Height above 50 m. & upto 70 m.12.00 m.
v)Height above 70 m. & upto 100 m.14.00 m.
v)Height above 100 m.16.00 m.

Provided that, in case of group housing scheme where building abuts on internal road, the minimum

3.0 m. set back from internal road or distance between two buildings whichever is more shall be provided.  For  Development  plan  road  or  classified  road  or  through  road,  passing through  Group Housing Scheme, the setback as prescribed in the regulations shall be provided.

(b)Side or rear marginal distance – Side or rear marginal distance in relation to the height of the building for light and ventilation shall be as below

The marginal distance on all sides shall be as per Table No.6 for building height 15.0 m. and below. For height more than 15.0 m., the marginal distance on all sides except the front side of a building shall  be  minimum  H/4  (Where  H  =  Height  of  the  building  above  ground  level)  subject  to  a minimum of 3.0 m. for residential building, 4.5 m. for commercial building and 6.0 m. for special building mentioned in definition no. 2.77.13.Provided that such marginal distance shall be subject to maximum of 16.0 m. If the land owner wishes to keep higher margins he may be allowed to do so.

Provided further that the building height for the purposes of this regulation and for calculating the marginal distances shall be exclusive of height of parking floors upto 6.0 m.

Provided also that, for building having shops / commercial user on any floor, 50% of front marginal distances shall be made available exclusively for pedestrians.

(c) Provision for Step Margin: – Step margins may be allowed to be provided on upper floor at height 24 m.  and above to achieve required marginal distances as mentioned in these regulations subject to structural stability and fire protection norms as prescribed from time to time. If building height 24 m. and above minimum side margin at ground level shall be 7.5 m. and if building height

50 m. and above the minimum side margin shall be 9.00 m. In congested area minimum side margin

at ground level shall be 6.00 m.

            In case of layout of two or more buildings of any users:-

i)  Distance  between  two  buildings–  The  distance  between  two  buildings  shall  be  the  side/rear marginal distance required for the taller building between the two adjoining buildings.

ii)  Provided  that,  the  path  way  /  internal  road  may  be  allowed  to  be  proposed  in  such  marginal distance by keeping 3.0 m. distance on both side from such internal road.

Provided also that, where rooms do not derive light and ventilation from the exterior open space, the distance  between  the  two  buildings  may  be  reduced  by  1  m.  subject  to  a  minimum  of  3  m.  (if necessary  6.0  m.  in  case  of  special  building)  and  maximum  of  8.0  m.  No  projections  shall be

permitted in this exterior space.

              In case  of group housing scheme  where building  abuts on internal road, the minimum 3.0 m. set back from internal road or distance between two buildings whichever is more shall be provided. For Development plan road or classified road or through road, passing through Group Housing Scheme, the setback as prescribed in the regulations shall be provided.