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Foot2feet provides a complete design proposal for your project. As the proposal is designed by experts of construction industry, it is complete practical. Various architects, builders & Bungalow owners find the proposal practical. The proposal designed with Optimum use of space, Planning, FSI and costs.


What is included in Design proposal ?

Permissible FSI statement

A detail statement indicating total FSI Consumption.

Properly designed Plan

This plan will be as per your requirement.

Maximum Carpet Area

Assured project areas which will help you take right decisions.

Cost Sheet

A complete costing which includes cost of TDR, Premium FSI, Ancillary FSI, development charges, other charges under various legal head like Fire, waterline..

Vertical section of Building.

A single line section which shows no. of floors, parking floors. Total building height, floor heights.

Parking Requirement

A chart of minimum Parking required for project. ( In planning we design additional parking if required for sale.)

Side Margin

Exact side margin requirement as per road width & no of Floors.

Charges – Rs 25,000/- Rs 10,000/-

For Plot above 10,000 Sqft charges will Increase.

Process Included in Project Report

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We will require basic documents related to project in hard or soft copy format.

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While appointing us for the project you can make payment via various modes.

Discussion with designer

After finalisation you can talk to our expert team regarding your various queries.

Complete report in 3-5 days

After receiving all the documents and payment report can be delivered within 3 to 5 days.


Documents required to give the entire proposal is as follows –

1. 7/12 extract.

2. Private Mojani or Government Mojani of plot.

3. Google location of plot.

4. Old Sanction Plan in case of Redevelopment Projects.

Project Report contains –

1. Development Plan Observation.

2. Road Widening area if any.

3.Side Margins required.

4. Building Footprint after Side Margin.

5. Dummy Plan.

6. FSI Statement, Paid FSI and TDR Requirement.

7.Development Charges, development Challan, TDR, Pais FSI.

8. Cost of Construction of Project.

9. Best Offer in case of Redevelopment.

Project report gives entire analysis of the project. It  states tentative total project cost and profit gained from it. This entire picture leads us to take right decision regarding the project. 

It  plays an important role while pitching an investor. 

Overall the project goes very smoothly and becomes very profitable.

Its not binding to appoint us as Project Architect if you are taking the project report from us. You can give the Project to other architect for further working.

The cost for entire project report will be 10,000 Rs. Work will start after 70% advance payment.

Depending upon the type of project and Complexity involved it takes around 8 to 15 days to prepare the Feasibility Report.

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Read More about FSI in Pune 


What Is FSI (Floor Space Index)

FSI is also called as far (floor are ratio)

In general language FSI means permissible built up area on any plot. It is calculated by dividing Built up area by Plot Area.

FSI = built up area/Plot area.

E.g. – If permissible FSI for a plot of 1000 Sqft. is 1.10, then we can construct 1100 Sqft. of built up area. (Say 225 Sqft on 4 floors or 550 SqFt on 2 floors)

The value of FSI is not same everywhere it is regulated according to the city zone, type of building and a lot of other amenities. It is possible to build up the construction only as imposed by the government.

As explained above, there is known specific formula for FSI Depending upon planning authority by-laws.Balcony, terrace, staircase, lift, lift machine room are deducted from FSI on payment of premium. Ducts, Parking floor, basement, architectural treatment are not considered while calculating FSI.

What is formula for FSI

Areas like balcony, parking, terraces, staircase, lift etc.  Are deducted from this calculation according to Pune FSI rules. For any region separate development control rule (DC rules) are published by government authorities.

The formula for the FSI calculation goes this way,

FSI = net plot area (after deducting road & reservation x FSI index of that area)


How to Calculate FSI in Pune

steps to calculate FSI in Pune

  1. Open Foot2feet FSI calculator

    an automated calculator designed as per Pune DC rules

  2. Select location of Plot


  3. Enter your plot area & Front road width


  4. Get details of FSI for your Plot within seconds.


FSI for various type of building Use

FSI in Pune Municipal Corporation is calculated as per development control and promotion regulations for Pune Municipal Corporation (DCPR 2017)


As per dc rule 2017, FSI for any plot in Pune corporation is of three types as-

  1. Basic FSI – means Free FSI on any Plot. In Pune it is 1.10 for residential Building.  (Basic FSI is excluding paid FSI or TDR).
  2. TDR (Transferable development right-this is to be purchased from other land owner whose land is surrendered for road or other reservations )
  3. Premium FSI–it is also called as fungible FSI or paid FSI this has to be purchased from Pune Municipal Corporation.

In Pune corporation FSI changes as per front road width, land zone, use of the building etc., See variations is FSI as per type of building –

FSI for Residential Building

“Residential Buildings” means any building in which sleeping accommodation is provided for normal residential purposes with or without cooking or dining or both facilities. It includes one or two or multi-family dwellings, lodging or rooming houses, residential hotels, hostels, dormitories, dharmshalas, apartment houses, flats, service apartment, studio apartment and private garages incidental thereto,

Road width  Basic FSI Premium  FSI  TDR FSI Total FSI
Below 9 M  1.10 0.00 0.00  1.10
 9.00 to 11.99 Meter  1.10  0.30  0.40  1.80
 12.00 to 17.99 Meter  1.10  0.50  0.65  2.25
 18.00 to 23.99 Meter  1.10  0.50  0.90  2.50
 24.00 to 29.99 Meter  1.10  0.50  1.15  2.75
30.00 M & above  1.10  0.50  1.40  3.00
Road-wise FSI for any plot in Pune

For illegally subdivide plot (after land subdivision act 1972), only 75% of total FSI is allowed. For NA plots and plots more than 2000 Square Meter, full 100% of FSI is applicable.

Redevelopment FSI in Pune is same as regular FSI. Only difference is 0.20 (20%) paid FSI is given for society on roads less than 9.0 M. 

FSI for Commercial Building

“Mercantile (Commercial) Buildings” means any building or part of a building, which is used as shops, stores, market, malls for display and sale of merchandise either wholesale or retail Office, storage and service facilities incidental to the sale of merchandise and located in the same building shall be included under this group;

For commercial building total FSI will be as per above residential FSI table Basic FSI will be = 1.25& TDR or PAID FSI will be reduced accordingly to achieved maximum FSI

Industrial Building FSI

Any building or part of a building or structure, in which products or materials of all kinds and properties are fabricated, assembled or processed like assembling plants, laboratories, power plants, smoke houses, refineries, gas plants, mills, dairies, factories etc.;

Minimum road width should be 12.00 m for these categories of building & FSI do not vary as per road width


Plot Size in sq.m.  Basic FSI Paid Fsi TDR    
 Upto 1000 SqM  1.10  0.50 0.00    
 1001 to 5000 SqM  1.10  0.50 0.00    
 Above 5000 SqM  1.10  0.50 0.00    
Industrial Building FSI

FSI in Gaothan Area (Congested Area)

A Gaothan is the portion of the land of the village which is ordinarily used for settlement. Whether a land parcel in a village or town or city is a Gaothan

In gaothan area basic FSI change as per road width


Road width in meter  Basic FSI Paid FSI TDR  Total
Below 9.0 M. 1.50 0.00 0.00 1.50
9 m to 11.99 M 2.00 0.00 0.00 2.00
12 M. to 17.99 M 2.00 0.25 0.00 2.25
18 M to 23.99 M 2.00 0.25 0.25 2.50
24  to 29.99 M 2.00 0.25 0.50 2.75
30 M & Above 2.00 0.25 0.75 3.00

Metro Zone – Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

There is no metro benefit for plot having road below 9.00 meter in such case regular residential FSI rule / commercial FSI rules will be applicable

Only plot above 4000 thousand Sqm & access road more than 30 meter will have 4.0 FSI. Rest of the plot will have total maximum FSI as per below table

TOD zone: – is the area 500 M. around the proposed Metro station boundary.


Plot Area 9 to 12 m   12 to 18 m   18 to 24 m.   24 to 30 m.   above 30 m 
Below 1000 SqM 2.0 2.25 2.50 2.75 3.0
1000 to 2000 2.0 2.5 2.5 2.75 3.0
2000 to 3000 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.0 3.0
3000 to 4000 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 3.5
4000 & above 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0
TOD zone FSI


Question related to FSI in Pune


What is not included in FSI

Ducts, Parking floor, basement, and architectural treatment are not included in FSI, Where as Depend upon planning authority by-laws, balcony, terrace, staircase, lift, lift machine room are deducted from FSI on payment of premium FSI

What is difference FSI and TDR

FSI stands for Floor Space Index, In other words permissible built up area on any plot which is calculated by dividing Built up area by Plot Area. Whereas If any land is affected by reservation of amenity, road, garden or any other reservation then that land has to be surrendered to respective authority. After handover of the land area the authority gives development right certificate as compensation instead of money. These rights are called TDR which stands for Transferable Development Rights

Is Staircase included in carpet Area?

Carpet area is the area which is actually covered by carpet. So staircase is only included in carpet area when it is inside the apartment

How many flats can be built 2400 square feet?

You can built 6 to 10 apartments in 2400 Square feet plot as per depends on FSI you get for your plot.

For which area above FSI calculator works ?

Above calculator works for Pune corporation old limit which includes following areas

It is also applicable for 23 villages included in pune

Latest 11 villages merged in pune in 2017 are also come under above rules. that means if you want to calculate FSI in Uruli Devachi, Phursungi, Bavdhan Budruk, Lohegaon, Hadapsar (Sadesatra Nali), Mundhwa (Keshavnagar area), Shivane, Dhayari , Undri, Ambegaon Khurda and Ambegaon Budruk

FSI in yewalewadi is also as per above calculator as it was merged in pune in 2016

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