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Jan 17, 2024

Everything about building FSI rules & FSI calculator! Foot2feet

Hello friends,

This blog is for every person who is somehow connected to land or construction industry. Here I will discuss about Floor space index also called as FSI in following points.

  1. What is FSI
  2. Area wise FSI calculation
  3. How to calculate it
  4. Why professional’s love foot2feet automated FSI calculator

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1. What IS FSI 

If you ever thought of buying a small land and building some 100 storied building on it to make huge profit, then you are wrong. Government controls development in any area based on availability of basic resources of water, drainage, traffic condition etc. This restriction is calculated with respect to land area. 

A ratio of land area to allowable construction area is called floor area ratio or Floor space index (FSI)

Example –           FSI in Pune in 2019 is 1.10. (Excluding paid FSI or TDR). 

For 1000 sqft land in baner or kothrud, FSI calculation will be as follows.

Owner can build maximum of 1000 x 1.10 = 1100 sqft  as per FSI in kothrud, Pune. 

Note –    Here built up area is individually calculated on all floors and then added to find maximum allowable area. 

Areas like balcony, parking, terraces, staircase, lift etc.  are deducted from this calculation according to Pune FSI rules (DCPR 2017). For any region separate development control rule (DC rules) are published by government authorities.

Owner can buy TDR (additional FSI) from other land owners whose land is surrendered for road or other reservations. Maximum allowable TDR on any land depends upon access road of that land. Example – for road of 12 Meter, 65% of land area can be purchased and loaded on that land. 

Paid FSI or fungible FSI is also additional TDR but this has to buy from planning authority. At current paid FSI charges in Pune Municipal Corporation are 50 % of ready reckoner rate of open land.

FSI and TDR are calculated on index decided by government time to time. 

Redevelopment FSI in Pune is same as regular FSI. Only difference is 0.20 (20%) paid FSI is given for society on roads less than 9.0 M. 

2. Factors to find FSI of any land 

i. Planning Authority –

Every location, village or area is under certain planning authority. Like – FSI  in Baner, Karve Nagar, Kondawa, Undri, Wagholi, Lohegaon is calculated by Pune municipal corporation FSI rules. While For location like Pirangut, Hinjewadi, Nanded city, Chakan, such region PMRDA rules of FSI or building rules are applicable. For villages under Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation like Ravet, Rahatani, Dapodi, Moshi, Chikhali pimple Saudagar etc PCMC rules are applicable. FSI in Pune cantonment, Dehu road cantonment or Khadaki (kirkee) cantonment is decided by defense ministry.

Here is Basic FSI in various region –

Pune municipal corporation        – 1.10 ( Maximum 3.0)

Pimpri chinchwad (PCMC)            – 1.0

Pune Metro Politian Regional planning authority (PMRDA)           – 1.0 to 1.2

ii. Type of land zone & building type – 

FSI vary due to land zone or building use. Here are few examples of basic FSI under various land zone. Note – To avoid confusion I am giving basic FSI excluding TDR or paid FSI.

Residential use         – 1.10

Commercial use        – 1.25

Industrial Use            – 0.50 to 1.0 

Gaothan Area            – 1.50

IT building                   – 2.0 to 3.0 (conditional)

Agriculture land        – 0.0375 to 0.20 ( excluding Paid FSI)

For exact calculation of FSI, TDR, Paid FSI use foot2feet online FSI calculator.

iii. Plot area      –         

For illegally subdivide plot (after land subdivision act 1972), only 75% of total FSI is allowed. For NA plots and plots more than 2000 Square Meter, full 100% of FSI is applicable.

For lands more than 2000 Sqm, 10% Open space is mandatory. For lands more than 4000 Square Meter 10% open space + 15% amenity space is required. (Use our calculator for actual calculations)

3.  How to calculate FSI

FSI calculation formula hardly gives useful results. best way is to use foot2feet FSI calculator. 

FSI calculator to find actual FSI on any land    

As I discussed FSI varies due to various factors. It’s not easy to find FSI on land just by some construction formula. One has to take help of local expert like architect etc to find FSI or FAR for that plot.

But the good news is foot2feet have developed online FSI calculator inbuilt with Pune FSI rules.  Pune & surrounding region. We will soon be adding one by one region in the list.

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4. Why professional’s love foot2feet automated FSI calculator 

Following are silent features of foot2feet calculator, which have made it very popular amongst builders, architects, contractors and other construction industry people.

  • No special knowledge required, a common man can use it
  • Select your location and find planning authority in your region
  • Only land area & access road width required to find basic results.
  • If you give more details, you will get more accurate calculations
  • It finds FSI, TDR, paid FSI, fungible FSI etc….
  • Required Open space, amenity space MHADA, FSI factor are accurately calculated.
  • Free assistance by foot2feet team
  • It takes few seconds only.

Pune FSI Calculator

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