Importance of FSI

Jan 17, 2024

Have you ever been in a situation where you are dealing with the land related issues and you hear certain real estate jargons that you have never heard of? We are sure you are getting a lot of recalls from the past. Well, today we are going to discuss one such term, FSI. FSI stands for the floor space index.  

FSI is also renowned as Floor Area Ratio (FAR). The term FSI refers to the ratio of the complete floor area of a building or a house (termed as the built-up area) to the complete plot area (land). These numbers and its values dictate the complete land area that you can construct, upon a plot.

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There are set and fixed formulas that are used to calculate the floor space index. Even if we have the formulas, it is not easy for someone out of the field to achieve the accuracy in calculating it. FSI is regulated by the department called the Development control regulation of a certain location and works as per the National Building Code of India.

The value of FSI is not same everywhere it is regulated according to the city zone, type of building and a lot of other amenities. It is possible to build up the construction only as imposed by the government.

The formula for the FSI calculation goes this way,

                                                  Floor Space covered in all floors

               FSI =                             ——————————————

                                                         Area of the plot

Let us see about the Premium F.S.I  

Well, these are some of the deviations allowed irrespective of locations and the building types.

If you ever wish or desire to stretch your Floor Space Index (F.S.I), you will have to pay some premium amount to the government. In order to avail this F.S.I, the joining road has to be 30 feet.

If the land you are planning to build on happens to be 30-40 abutting the roadway, the premium FSI will allow you to build on 20% more than actually allowed area. This increases with the increase in the width. Like, for the 40-60 road width you get 30% premium FSI, and for 60 feet road width it is 40% premium FSI.

F.S.I is not just the best option for us but it is also a great factor that helps to reduce the stress on the city. It is considered as the best concept since it limits and aligns the sources. With all the positive attributes it has, a lot of us tend to misunderstand its holistic approach. FSI helps the government to decide what % of the city area must be dedicated to the park, what percent for the road and how to divide the remaining into the different zones. This helps in a great way to keep the resources of the city on good terms with more greenery, lesser traffic, and a lot more other amenities.


Even though the FSI is considered as the restricted concept it carries its own benefits at the places where construction is taking place rapidly. Let’s see some of the basic advantages of F.S.I,

 It serves as a medium to maintain the ratio of open space and the built-up space.

 It is one of the many factors that maintain the city skyline.

 An average F.S.I illustration is the key for a better development

 F.S.I maintains the equality between sustainability, growth, and development.

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Now that you have understood what Floor Space Index is and how important it is. You might also have gotten the idea about how much of efforts are required to get it done. Yes, there goes a lot of legal procedures that we need to follow and they can really get tiring. But to make it easy for you Foot2Feet offers all kind of services and calculators concerning Floor Space Index. To explore more you can feel free to call us and we will be more than glad to assist you with your queries.

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