Residential Zone R1 & R2 in UDCPR

As per UDCPR 2020, Residential Zone R1 includes Residential plots abutting on roads below 9m. in width in congested area shown on the Development Plan. However,  on roads below 12m. in width in non-congestedarea. Similarly, Residential Zone R2 includes Residential plots abutting on roads having existing or proposed width of 9 m. and above in congested area. Moreover,  12 m. and above in non-congested area.  For instance, Residential zone R1 and R2, In case of C Class MCs, Nagarpanchayats and Regional Plan areas, the above road width of 12 m. shall be 9 m. in non-congestedarea.

Uses permissible in Residential Zone R1 and R2

Well taking into consideration that, the following uses and accessory uses to the principal use will be permitted in buildings or premises in purely Residential Zone, subject to other regulations as given-

1.       Residential use

Any Residences like slum improvement, rehabilation, apartment, bungalow etc

2.       Hostels in Residential zone

Hostels for students, working men, working women, lodging with or without boardingfacilities

3.       Old age Home

Old age home, sanatorium, orphanage, night shelter dormitories.

4.       House hold business

Customary Home occupation i.e. occupations customarily carried out by the members of the household without employing hired labourer and shall include stitching, embroidery, beauty parlour, button making etc. with or without motive power. If motive power is used, the total electricity load should not exceed 1 HP (0.75kw).

5.       Clinic

Medical and Dental Practitioner’s Dispensaries including pathological laboratory, diagnostic clinics, polyclinics, counselling centres, clinics, to be permitted on any floor. Maternity homes, clinics, nursing homes with indoor patients with bed not exceeding 20on any floor with separate means of access of staircase from within the building or outside may be permitted but not in any case within the prescribed marginal open spaces. Where doctor’s residence is located on upper floor, then such separate means of access of staircase may not benecessary

6.       Professional Offices in Residential Zone

Professional Offices in residential tenement for own purpose not exceeding carpet area of 50 sq.m. each

7.       Community halls

Community halls, welfare centre, gymnasia (each not exceeding100sq.m.)

8.       Primary and nursery schools

Primary and nursery schools including students’ hostels except tradeschools

9.       Day care Centre in Residential zone

Crèche, Day-care centre upto an independent building or part ofbuilding

10.   Coaching Classes

Private coaching classes, students mess in , student’s mess in an independent building or part of building upto100 sq.m. Subject to separate parking facility in the samepremises.

11.   Religious buildings in Residential Zone

Religious buildings like Temple, mosque, church etc

12.   Shops

Convince shops only of ground floor in R1 and R2 zone upto 10sqm each

13.   Electronic industry

Electronic Industry of the Assembly type only, not of the manufacturing type with the restrictions. Motive Power shall not exceed 1 H.P.

14.   IT Buildings

Information technology establishment (ITE) (pertaining to software only) on the plots/ premises fronting on roads having width 9m. and above.

15.   Flour mills in Residential zone

Flour mill and wet, dry masala grinding, subject to the conditions of power requirement shall not exceed10HP.

Burial grounds, cremation grounds and essential public utilities, on a road having width of 9m. andabove

Research, experimental and testing laboratories not involving any danger of fire or explosion or of any obnoxiousnature

Other permissible in Residential zone R2 (not for R1 Zone)

Eventually, all uses permissible in R1 will be permitted to R2 zone wihout any restriction of area. All uses or mix uses may be permitted irrrespective of restriction of floor area.  Will see one by one-

1.       Industrial use in Residential zone

2.       Institutional

3.       Commercial

Service Industries permitted in Residential Zone R2

The Service industries permitted in independent building or plot. See Following Examples of Service Industries permitted in Residential Zone R2-

         i.            Manufacture of supari and Masala grindings, ice, fruit juice, grain mills, and dairy products

       ii.            Manufacture of made up textiles goods such as curtains, mosquito net, mattresses, bedding material pillow cases, textile bags.etc.

      iii.            Manufacture of cartons and boxes from papers and paper board, paper pulp

     iv.            Manufacture of metal building components such as grills, gates. Doors and window frames, water tanks, wire nets,etc.

       v.            Repairs of household electrical appliances such as radio set. Television set, tape recorders, heaters, irons, shavers, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, air- conditioners, washing machines, electric cooking ranges, motor rewinding works etc.

     vi.            Manufacturing of repair services like watch, jewelry, laundry, cleaning, dyeing etc.

    vii.            Cleaning And preservation of fruits and vegetables, meat and fish including production of jam jelly, sauce etc.