Land Use Classification & Land Zones

Know More about Land Zone & Land Uses –

In case of development / re-development of any land, building or premises, the intended use shall conform to the land use or, as the case may be, purpose of designation, allocation or reservation assigned to it in the Development Plan / Regional Plan/ Planning Proposal, unless specified otherwise.

Special Cases for Land Use Change –

1. Non-Conforming Uses Existing Lawfully –

Any lawful non-conforming use of premises existing prior to the date of coming in to force of the Development Plan / Regional Plan/ Planning Proposal shall continue and may be allowed to be expanded within the holding in the original sanctioned permission and that when a building containing non-conforming use is pulled down or has fallen down, the use of the new building shall be in conformity with these regulations or with lawful existing use.

2. Existing features shown on the plan

 The existing features shown on Development/ Regional Plan are indicative and shall stand modified on Development/ Regional Plan/Planning Proposal as per actual situation. Mention of particular use on Development/ Regional Plan shall not bar the owner from permission to develop land as allowed in the zone shown for such land. Also, boundaries of S.No., alignment of existing road/ nallah and other physical features of land shall be as per measurement plan of Land Records Department and the land unaffected by such physical features shall be allowed to be developed for the uses permissible under the adjoining predominant land use zone.

3. Development of Parking –

The Authority may develop any land, owned by or in possession of the Authority, for public parking in any of the forms – single or multi-storeyed, underground or above ground, irrespective of its existing use or proposed use in Development / Regional Plan/Planning Proposal.

Provided that the Authority may allow Basement Parking below existing or proposed Play Ground, in the plan at one or two levels below the ground level subject to conditions, as may be prescribed by the Authority.

4. Discontinuance of Zoning in pursuance of existing use–

 If any land is shown in Public Semi–Public zone or Public Utility Zone because of the activity that existed there or otherwise, such lands shall be deemed to have been shown in the adjacent predominant Zone after such activity ceases to exist, unless otherwise prohibited.

Land Use Classification and equivalency of Zones

The different land use classifications in Development / Regional Plan / Planning Proposal & different uses permissible in that land use zone and equivalency of zone in various Authorities’ areas shall be as given below:-

1.       Residential Zone

                         Following  zones shall be treated as equivalent to Residential zone.

  1. Residential Zone – (R1)
  2. Residential Zone with Shop line. (R-2)
  3. General Residential Zone.
  4. Residential Zone – R-2, R-3.
  5. Residential Zone -R-4 with payment of premium.
  6. Urbanisable Zone.
  7. Special Residential Zone.
  8. Pre-dominantly Residential Zone.
  9. Slum Improvement Zone.
  10. Low Density Residential Zone in Development Plan of Jalgaon.
  11. Mix use Zone.

2.       Low Density Residential Zone.

3.       Future Urbanisable Zone.

4.       Commercial Zone

Following other zones shall be treated as equivalent to Commercial Zone.

  1. Local Commercial – (C-1)
    1. Commercial Zone – (C-1)/ Special Commercial Zone/ Business Hub Area/ Central Business District Zone
    1. Commercial Zone – (C-2)
    1. Predominantly Commercial

5.       Industrial Zone

                         Following other zones shall be treated as equivalent to Industrial Zone.

  1.        Service Industries – (I-1)
  2. General Industries – (I-2)
  3. Special Industries (I-3)
  4. Wholesale Market and Warehousing
  5.         Transport Hub and Logistic Park.

6.       Loom Industry cum Residential Zone.

7.       Agricultural Zone

 Following other zones shall be treated as equivalent to Agricultural Zone.

  1.         Horticultural Zone.
  2. Plantation Zone.
  3. No Development Zone.
  4. Green Zone – 1. / Green Zone.
  5.        Cattle Shed Zone.

8.       Green Belt / Green Belt Zone. (Other than Reservation of Green Belt.) / River Protection Belt. (other than reservation)

Following zone shall be treated as equivalent to Green Belt / Green Belt Zone.

i) Recreational land use.

9.       Traffic and Transportation Zone –

  Following zone shall be treated as equivalent to Traffic and Transportation Zone

  1. Marshalling yard

10.   Regional Park Zone.

11.   11. Tourism Development Zone-

Following zone shall be treated as equivalent to Tourism Development Zone.

  1. Tourist Centre
  2. Hill Station Zone.

12.   Afforestation Zone.

13.   Hill Top-Hill Slope Zone (HTHS)

(Slope having gradient more than 1:5 irrespective of whether shown on plan or not.) / Hilly area.

14.   Green Zone -2

15.   Forest Zone.

16.   Defence Zone.

17.   Mines and Quarry Zone

 Following zone shall be treated as equivalent to Mining and Quarry Zone.

  1. Quarry to Park Zone,

18.   Public Utility Zone.

19.   Woodland Corridor.

20.   Special Economic Zone.

21.   Airport and Allied Activities / Service Zone.

22.   Public Semi-public Zone

Following zone shall be treated ad equivalent to Public Semi- public Zone.

a. Institutional

Note : In case, any land use zone is not listed above, the equivalency of such zone shall be decided by the Director of Town Planning, Maharashtra State, Pune.