Commercial Zone

Introduction –

Any zone within an acknowledged urban growth boundary that allows sales, services, commercial and professional offices as uses permitted is known as commercial zones. Most importantly, commercial zone is intended for profit businesses, like Service stations, office complexes, shopping malls and restaurants. As per UDCPR 2020, there are much scope for commercial zone which will boost the development activities here.

1.      Various Types in Commercial Zone

Following other zones will be treated as equivalent to Commercial Zone.

a. Local Commercial -(C-1)

b. Commercial Zone – (C-1)/ Special Commercial Zone/ Business Hub Area/ Central Business District Zone

c. Commercial Zone -(C-2)

d. Predominantly Commercial

2.      Uses permissible in Commercial Zone

Commercial zone is a distinct classification for real estate. Subsequently, Commercial zone is appraised differently than residential zone, as it differs the cause of various business activities are usually located. Likewise, in commercial zones, buildings or premises shall be used for the uses and purposes given below:-

A. Any use permitted in residential R2 zone

Eventually, there are all uses permissible in R-2 zone will be permitted in commercial zone without any restriction of area. All uses or mix uses may be permitted irrespective of restriction of floor area.  Will see one by one-

a. Fuel Stations

Vehicle Fuel filling Station including LPG, CNG or Ethanol is permissible in commercial zone. Whereas, it also includes Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

b. Trade Schools-

Trade or other similar schools are permissible in commercial zone

c. Fuel Godowns

LPG godown, Bulk storage and sale of kerosene are permissible with subject to NOC of Chief Controller of Explosives, Government of India

d. Service Industries-

The Service industries permitted in independent building or plot. See Following Examples of Service Industries permitted in Commercial Zone –

  • Manufacture of supari and Masala grindings, ice, fruit juice, grain mills, and dairy products
  • Manufacture of made up textiles goods such as curtains, mosquito net, mattresses, bedding material pillow cases, textile bags.etc.
  • Manufacture of cartons and boxes from papers and paper board, paper pulp
  • Manufacture of metal building components such as grills, gates. Doors and window frames, water tanks, wire nets,etc.
  • Repairs of household electrical appliances such as radio set. Television set, tape recorders, heaters, irons, shavers, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, air- conditioners, washing machines, electric cooking ranges, motor rewinding works etc.
  • Manufacturing of repair services like watch, jewelry, laundry, cleaning, dyeing etc.
  • Cleaning And preservation of fruits and vegetables, meat and fish including production of jam jelly, sauce etc.

B. Wholesale Establishments

Any commercial use, wholesale establishments with or without storage area will be permitted in Commercial zone

C. Public Semi-public Zone

In commercial zone, all uses permissible in public semi-public zone will be permitted, without any restriction of area. Will see it one by one-

1.       All Educational Compllexes is permitted into this like school, colleges, training institutions, hostels and essential staff quarters etc

2.       Old age Home, Hospitals, Sanatoria, Dispensaries, Maternity homes, Health centres and related health facilities with ancillary structures like quarters, dharmashalas, veterinary hospitasls

3.       Professional offices

4.       Libraries, Mangal karyalayas, Gymnasia, gymkhanas, stadia, community hall, cultural centres, religious structures and auditoria etc.

D. Public utility buildings-

Moreover, uses permitted in pblic utility building will also be permitted in commercial zone.  Following uses shall be permissible in this zone

                                                                        i.      Water treatment Plant, Sewage treatment plant, waste water recycling plant,

                                                                       ii.      Electric Substations

                                                                     iii.      Cemeteries

                                                                     iv.      Burial ground and cremation grounds

                                                                      v.      Slaughter house

                                                                     vi.      Solid waste landfill / management site

                                                                   vii.      Fire station

                                                                 viii.      Post telegram and communication office, telephone exchange etc