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TDR – Transferable Development Rights

Introduction –

If any land is affected by reservation of amenity, road, garden or any other reservation then that land has to be surrendered to respective authority. After handover of the land area the authority gives development right certificate as compensation instead of money. These rights are called TDR (Transferable Development Rights). It can be sold to people who want to do additional construction on their land. This way government can save huge money in acquisition of land and the land owners have no loss as he gets compensation for this. Usually for municipal corporations like PMC, PCMC & special planning authority like PMRDA follow this system.

1. Which are 4 types of TDR service on Foot2Feet?

      1.       Generation of TDR  –

        This is process of handing over reservation land to corporation and procuring TDR certificate from them. This may take 6 to 12 months

      2.       Utilization of TDR –       

        This is process in which TDR purchased from land owner is loaded on the new development land. (this may take 1 month )

      3.       Buying of TDR    –            

          In this builder or developer f land buy TDR from TDR owner. This process is somewhat similar to land buying process. This do not take much time.

      4.       Sell TDR       

         Similar to buying, in this TDR is sold by one party.

2. What is the process for Utilization of TDR in Pune?

Loading of TDR on any plot called TDR utilization process. There are certain rules for loading of TDR on any plot or land. This is given in proportion of plot area. Eg – on 9 meter wide road in Pune developer can purchase 40% of TDR means he can purchase & utilize TDR equal to 40% X plot area.

Foot2feet have developed FSI & TDR calculator to find TDR capacity of any land. Click here to check TDR loading capacity & FSI calculation of your plot. 

3. What id TDR Indexing?

TDR from 2016 is associated with ready reckoner rate of land. It means if an owner purchase 100 Square meter TDR generated on a land of rate 10,000 Rs per SQM, and he want to utilize on plot of rate 5,000 RS, then 100 SqM TDR will be considered as200 SQM TDR due torate difference betweenland rate of both the land. You can check Ready Reckoner Rate here

Foot2Feet is about to develop TDR indexing calculator. Check its availability.  

4. What are Types of TDR?

Regular TDR        –             

TDR generated from road or any DP reservation is called as regular tdr.

Slum TDR             –     

 TDR generated from SRA scheme & slums is called as slum TDR.

For utilization of any amount of TDR FSI on any plot in pune , minimum 20% slum TDR is compulsory.

Means any owner hve to purchase 80 % regular tdr& 20 slum TDR.


5. What is TDR in construction field?

TDR means Transferable Development Rights.

Transferable Development Right (TDR) certificate (D.R.C.) is issued after handing over land reserved land in DP for  public purpose to PMC instead of cash compensation. Where in TDR given (in the form of FSI) and TDR utilization details are recorded.  DRC holder can use such FSI for self or can sell it to others.

In TDR trading, price is primarily based on demand and supply concept. Due to the TDR trading, the real estate prices are increasing day by day. TDR is a certificate obtained from the Municipal Corporation which an owner of the property obtains where his property is reserved for the purpose of public utilities such as road, garden, school, etc.

6. Who provide  “TDR GENERATION / UTILIZATION” services?

TDR Service providers by  Liasoning Architect or Liaisoning Professionals provide this service. Foot2Feet have best vendors registered who provide service in very low rate.

7. Why TDR Certificate is required?

The TDR certificate is required for reserved rights obtained by the Owner on Surrendering his property to the Municipal Corporation.

Municipal corporation provides additional built-up area instead of area surrendered by the owner of the land so that the extra built-up area can be used by owner in an optimum manner

8. Cost for generation of TDR?

Charges for generation of TDR varies from 250 – 350 RS per sq.ft. Professionals registered with Foot2Feet will always give you assured best rate.

9. What is transfer of development rights?

TDR are usually transferred from fully developed zones to other zones. The basic motive behind this transfer is to facilitate the development of the under developed areas.

As per explanation I to Rule 5 of the MAHARERA Rules, 2017, the TDR Acquisition Cost is included while calculating the land cost, therefore, it finally increases the property prices. It has come up as an urban development tool which has resulted in the congestion in a haphazard manner. This concept came up when there used to be land acquisition by the Government authorities for the formation of Roads, civic amenities, etc. TDR certificate minimizes the Time needed and easily helps in the process of acquisition as the owner can transfer his rights with the help of this certificate.

10. What are the Document Required for  “TDR  generation”?

Here is list of documents for making of TDR of reservation land.

1.       T.D. R.  Book and real estate management

2.       7/12 Extract / Property Card

3.       All Ferfar

4.       B Form and TP Scheme Sight Plan (if available in TP Scheme)

5.       Demarcation certified copy

6.       Falninakasha

7.        Letter of Excess Certificate in case of non-availability of Fertilizer

8.       Gaonnakasha (village map)

9.       Site Plan

10.   Development  Plan of 1987

11.   Percentage (A to R) site Plan (within the limit)

12.    Zoning Demarcation

13.   Zone Certificate

14.   Google Images

There are few more documents which change as per plot location and reservation type.

09 TDR
Select Type of TDR Service Required