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Know More About Property Tax

Property Tax NOC or Tax is an important document indicating whether there is any tax due on the Property say land or building. This is required during building permission. This tax varies as per the area of the plot, built up area of building, use of the building, etc.

What is Property Tax NOC?

Tax Noc is a No Dues Certificate of particular Land/Building  which is issued by the municipal corporation after full payment of Property Tax.

For a property there are two type of tax in municipal council.

This is applicable to all properties and open land

  1.  Open Land Tax

This type of Tax is assessed on the basis of Plot area. Once the building receives Occupation certificate, building tax is applicable.

    2.   Property Tax

For every apartment, building in municipal council tax is applicable. This tax is assessed on the basis of Built up Area or carpet area of that property.


When is it required?

Tax no objection certificate is majorly required while taking building permission, civil renovation permission from Pune corporation or Mumbai corporation, or at time of buying and selling of any property.

What are the documents required for Tax n o c ?

For getting tax noc, running year tax should be paid. In such case anyone can get this noc by visiting corporation website.

But while assessment of Property Tax the following documents are required –

1) Documents establishing ownership like Sale deed / Index II / 7-12 extract/ Citysurvey extract

2) Documents issued by Building Permission Department:

a. Building Permission Certificate /Occupancy Certificate.

b. Building Completion Certificate

c.Approved Plan

How much is the cost required to get Tax Noc?

Fees for Tax noc is Rs.25/- as certificate fee which is to be paid at () to be paid at ward office after full payment of property tax.While No fees are charged for assessment of property tax.

Time duration required for Tax Noc?

You will get No Dues Certificate or Tax noc within 3 days of tax payment of property. While for assessment of property tax, in case no objection is raised it takes 21 days. If objection is received, it takes 45Days to complete the Property tax Assessment process.

Who takes Property Tax?

Government authorities like, Property Tax Department from Pune Municipal Corporation, PMRDA, provides  you the Tax NOC or No Dues certificate only after payment of property tax.

How to get Property tax noc?

To get Tax noc, there is different process in PMC and PMRDA or PCMC.

Online Process for tax NOC is as follows –

Step 1:  Visit the official website of PMC property tax department.

Click on the “Tax Receipt”

Step 2:  Click on Get pune property tax receipt online PMC

Enter Property Details Pune PMC& click on the “Submit” button.

Step 3:  You will then be taken to next screen which shows all the information about the property details that you entered in step 2.

Get Pune property tax receipt online PMC. Property Tax Details

Use “Click Here” button to view the details of previously paid tax for that property.

Step 4:  You will see a column called “Challan Number”   This column shows all the Challans of property tax that you paid.      

You can click on the Challan number for which you need a print out.

Where we provide this service ?

This service can be done for Pimprichinchead municipal council, PMC, Pune corporation, PCMC, PMRDA, Nagar Palika, MahanagarPalika, Thane, Mumbai, Kanlyan, All ward office of Pune.

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