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Know More about NA Order  (Land conversion) –

Non agriculture noc (NA noc ) means change in land use over time. Any land by default is considered as agriculture land use. Turning such agriculture use of land into residential is called as NA order.

Conversion of land from agricultural to residential or converting farmland to residential land or conversion of land all mean same as above. This conversion can be of various type,from agricultural to residential, from agriculture to Industrial, agriculture to godown, agriculture to farmhouse. These are respectively called as Residential NA, Industrial NA, godown NA, farmhouse NA.

Non Agricultural Certificate of land which is issued by the collector of respective district of any state in India is for non agricultural purpose.

Agricultural land cannot be used for constructing any property whether it is residential or commercial. Before carrying out any development on the land, an owner/developer has to apply to the collector for the permission to convert the use of agricultural land to residential land or conversion of agricultural lands to housing projects or agricultural land to commercial land conversion.

Documents required for application for land conversion?

For getting Na permission, the applicant has to attach following documents

  1. Application form for change in use of land
  2. 7/12 Extract of last 30 to 50 years
  3. All Ferfaar / mutation entries
  4. Extract of village form 8 A, Land map of Land Record Office,
  5. Copies of submission drawing of layout & building
  6. Any abutting road or Highway Authorities NOC if applicable
  7. NOC from concern Grampanchyat/Municipal councils,
  8. If the N.A. permission is already granted and application is to be made for change of use of land, then copy of the NA order and sanctioned plan is to be attached
  9. If the land is attracting provisions of Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, 1948 then the Sale Permission received under section 43/63,
  10. No dues certificate from farmer’s co-op society,
  11. Certificate received from the Talathi stating therein that the land in the question is not under acquisition.

What is Land conversion process?

After the NA NOC application with all essential documents to collector by eligible person, Collector has to send a copy of one application form to the concerned Tahasildar for collecting detailed information of the land in question.


Land NA for Pune Municipal corporation or PCMC

If the area is within the jurisdiction of a Municipal Corporation or Municipal Council, the Collector consults them with reference to acquiring the building permission.

When there is no Municipal Corporation or Municipal Council, the applicant has to submit a “No Objection Certificate” to the Collector, which is to be acquired from the Gram Panchayat of the village, for the change of use of land.

If the land falls within the limit of any Regional Plan prepared under provisions of MRTP Act 1966, the Collector shall grant permission in confirmation to Development Control Regulations prepared by planning authorities and special planning authorities.

Land NA rules for PMRDA 

In addition to the Development Control Regulations prepared by the planning authorities and special planning authorities (which are the instruments of regulating development), there are other laws, rules & regulations, policies as well which aid the development control efforts.


How to get NA order online ?

People usually have similar questions, like how to find na order copy online, how to check na order online Maharashtra, online land conversion. But the process for na of land is offline & no online source for it.


Cost of converting agricultural land to NA in Maharashtra?

Cost of converting agriculture land in NA varies. If the land is in agriculture zone & within stipulated distance form gaothan, then 30% of ready reckoner rate of land. Land NA fees for existing residential zone are zero. Only NA land tax is applicable after conversion.


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