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Introduction –

Garden noc is required for various reasons.

1.       For cutting of branches which are unsafe or it becomes obstacle

2.       Provisional noc for building approval

3.       Tree cutting permission for tree which become obstacle for proposed building or Ramp

4.       Final garden NOC – For getting occupation certificate for new building


1. What does garden noc mean?

Any owner or developer who wants to do new construction on a plot requires garden noc. Sometimes they need to cut the existing trees on sitewhich comes under the footprint of the building. While cutting these treesthey  have to plant 3 times to the ratio of the trees cut i.e. if they cut 1 tree they have to plant 3 more trees instead on the same site or different site.

After assessment of all the documents and survey on the site to check the no of existing and planted trees Provisional Garden No Objection certificate (NOC)  is obtained from Garden Department.

Also final  Garden (NOC) from the Garden Department is mandatory for all buildings that  apply for Completion Certificate.

2. Who provides Garden NOC?

Development authorities like PMC, PMRDA, PCMC have a particular garden department responsible for the development, protection, and maintenance of existing gardens as well as planning of new gardens who provides the Garden Noc’s.

Various agents, consultants, Liasoning professionals or architect registered on foort2feet can help you in getting Garden NOC from the concerned department.

3. Types of application to Tree Authority

There are different types of application to be done to the garden department or Tree Authority for your construction need to get the NOC’s, like-

Different Applications to Tree Authority:

a. Trimming of Tree Branches

Depend upon number of trees and location, charges are applied by garden authority. It may take up to 20 days to get the action done. Here are documents Required for applying tree branches cutting.

      i) Application with address

      ii) Photo of branches to be trim

      iii) Undertaking format for trimming only dangerous branches

b. Provisional Garden NOC for building approval

 To procure provisional garden noc 7 to 26 days are required. There is no legal charges required, only consultant’s fees are required. An application with following documents is must.

·         Map showing locationof existing trees (in green colour) on property.

·         7/12 extract of property

·         Photo of existing numbered trees

c.  Tree cutting permission

Usually tree cutting permission take much more time than stipulated time by government. To cut any tree in Pune, it take 6 months some times. Authority allow only those trees to cut which are important to cut like trees which come in area of proposed building or it has become obstacle to ramp leading to basement of building. Authority has all rights to reject permission for cutting of any tree which not coming under building. Documents Required:

·         Application with address duly filled with Form

·         Undertaking in prescribed format of garden authority

·         Commencement certification of building approval

·         Plan showing location of existing & proposed trees with trees to be cut. All trees should be in proper colour code.

·         Photos of obstructing tree with the number on it.

·         7/12 extract or property card

·         Copy of  Provisional garden NOC

·         Certificate from architect that trees are obstructing to construction so cutting is necessary

A deposit of 10000 rupees per tree is to be given to garden authority. Owner can get this deposite with separate application to authority after 6 month. But the ress planted on site must survive & should be taken care.

d. Garden NOC for Completion Certificate

To procure final garden noc 10 to 26 days are required. An application with following documents is must.

      ii) Commencement certification& property card or 7/12

      iii) Plan showing location of existing& newly planted trees in green color.

iv) Copy of provisional garden NOC

      v) Copy of Tree cutting/transplantation permission (If any)

vi) Photos of existing Trees & newly planted trees (for one tree cut on site, 3 new trees must be planted)


f. NOC for Advertisement Board on tree

1. Documents Required:

         i) Application 

ii) Color photograph of location.

         iii) Undertaking for no harm cause to tree & owners No objection certificate

iv) Stability Certificate 

         v) Structure map

vi) Location map

2. Permission Period: 26 day


4. Different Types of colour code for trees in Garden noc map –

Trees in garden noc drawing must be marked with following colour codes

Existing Trees – Green colour (on drawing)

Trees to be cut – Red colour

Newly proposed trees – Blue colour

Numbering to all trees is necessary on site as well as in drawing.


5. Cost for Garden NOC

Provional Garden NOC costs around 10,000 – 12,000 Rs and


Final Garden NOC costs approximately 12,000 – 15,000 Rs.

06 Garden NOC
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