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Know More About Fire NOC

This is the no objection certificate which is issued by the Fire Department Authority of the particular state or municipality. This license is issued to ensure that the residential or commercial property is fire proof and unlikely to damage building or property and lives in caseof fire accidents. The concern authority to issue this NOC is deputy chief fire officer or area fire inspector of particular state.

Several accidents happen that takes the lives; to prevent this government ensures the building or property whether it satisfies the parameters or not. There are certain parameters like the height of the building, commercial area and all. Also, there are some steps to get the Fire NOC. Foot2Feet provides consultation and services regarding fire NOC in Pune area.

1. What does Fire NOC Means?

In India Fire NOC is mandatory for the certain kind of buildings.  This certificate is a No Objection Certificate indicating, in short  NOC certificate for fire safety  that the building is designed as per the norms and regulations that a high-rise building must have to avoid any hazardous accidents. It is issued by the Fire department of the respective state before the building construction.

2. Types of Fire NOC

Primarily there are two types – 

  • Provisional fire NOC (H4)
  • Final Fire NOC
  • Provisional fire NOC:

    This NOC has to be generated long before the construction is started. The builder/ applier must issue this at the time of submitting building plan to the cooperator. In this procedure the fire plan gets approved from the authority. The Provisional certificate states the amenities and required fire safety that includes sprinkler, dedicated tank, etc (Full information is given below)

  • Final Fire NOC:

    Once the builder is done with the construction, he must apply for the final certificate. The final certificate is required to get occupancy certificate. In order to get it the officer visits the site and check for the apparatus that is sprinkler, fire safety alarms, etc. If the sites meet the parameter then the building is ready for the occupancy. With all this procedure the constructed building is made safe and fire resistant.

3. Documents Required for Fire NOC

There is whole process to generate the certificate. Here is the process in order to generate  application around Pune area.

  • Application from the architect to fire department
  • Building details from.
  • Drawing that shows the safety norms of the building
  • 7/12 certificate / property card photocopy

4. Process Involved

There is whole process that everyone has to follow to get fire certificate. Following is the step by step procedure to be followed –

  1. To apply, the applier need to have proper documents as mentioned above and submit it to the respective/Concern fire department. The document must contain building drawing.
  2. The fire officer will survey the site. He will look for the road width and plot location to see if it meets the requirement
  3. The officer then scrutinize whole document and the provisions made in drowning
  4. After the calculation is done the officer will generate the challan receipt for fire charges.
  5. The applier must pay the amount mentioned in challan via cash, cheque, dd or RTGS.
  6. After the successful payment, the applier will receive stamped and singed copy of drawing set and The Fire NOC Certificate
  7. For NOC in PMC

5. Who requires Fire NOC?

Any high rise building requires fire certificate.  Restaurants, hotel, industrial buildings, institutes, educational buildings such as school colleges, auditorium, apartments. Regardless of this any building which is taller than 15 meter from ground i.e. 5 floor or bigger requires fire no objection certificate.

If floor area of any building is more than 500 Sqm (Including staircase, balcony, habitable room etc.) then fire NOC for such special building is must

6. Parameters for the NOC

Depend upon height and type of building Fire Department recommend few things to install in building, Example,   dedicated water tank on the top of the building and underground as well. Sometime fire alarms and smoke detector, vertical pipes and hose reel etc. in the building. The road width is also measured to check if the fire truck can enter the building or not. It is also required to have the fire exit stare case within prescribed travel distance from any corner of floor.

7. Time Duration

The time duration required for to get the fire NOC is almost 8 days to 15 days. In some cases it may extend up to one and half month as well as every building has different criteria to satisfy.  

8. Cost involved to get the NOC

Fire premium charges are 8 Rs to 2000 Rs. This varies on height of building for example, Pune Corporation Charge –

  • 45 Rs per Sqm for height upto 24 Meter.
  • 75 Rs perSqm for height 24 Meter to 36 Meter.
  • 1000 Rsper Sqm for height 36 Meter to 40 Meter.

These charges varies on location, jurisdictory body, use of building and height of building.


9. Who gives this certificate

  • Any corporation who has fire department eg. Pune Municipal Corporation, Pipmri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation
  • Special Planning Authorities
  1. PMRDA, MMRDA Etc.
  • Maharashtra Fire Services, Mumbai

For Nagar Palika and other area which do not come under other fire department

10. How Can We Help?

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