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Introduction –

Drainage noc is required to get authorized building permission for any building. For any building to be operational drainage connection is required. To get this connection permission is needed from the drainage department.

1. What is Drainage NOC?

For any kind of construction of building its necessary to have drainage connection. You have to get the permission for drainage connection by submitting application through licensed plumber, and then approval is given by Dy.Engineer of drainage Department at Ward (Zonal) offices after site visit and all the required documents attached.

Drainage No Objection Certificate (Noc) is the noc which you get After the completion of drainage (line/work) connection at site.

It is mandatory to obtain the Drainage Certificate from drainage  department to get Building Completion Certificate.

2. Where can I get Drainage NOC?

Application for Drainage NOC in PMC and PCMC is to be submitted in the related ward office. In PMRDA drainage noc is not reqired.

3. Who provide Drainage NOC?

To get drainage NOC for Building Permission from the Development authorities like PMC, PMRDA, PCMC you can submit the application by the licensed plumber to the drainage  department.

The process of application in PMC is as follows –


In PMC  you can submit application via online services using “rts.punecorporation.org  and then after you can submit the hardcopy of application to the department.

And also  you can submit the application for new drainage connection online  to Additional City Engineers, Sewerage Department, through licensed plumber along with blue print  Copies of building sanction plan and attested copy of Commencement Certificate.

Liasoning architect or liasoning professionals helps you to get the drainage noc for your building.

4. What are the documents required for Drainage NOC?

The following documents are required to be attached along with application form for obtaining NOC from drainage department for building completion certificate-

1. Copy of the licensed plumber

2. Ownership documents (PRC/ 7/12 Extract)

3. Property Tax Noc

4. Copy of building permission given and attested copy of commencement certificate and four copies of sanction plan

5. Plan for Drainage connection with site plan

6. Society NOC

5. What is Time duration required for Drainage NOC?

Drainage NOC is issued in 15 days from the receipt of application.

6. What is the Cost required to get Drainage Noc?

To get the drainage connection and road cutting following charges are taken-

1) Connection charges Rs.225/-

2) Development charges

         a) Residential use Rs.1000/-

         b) Commercial use Rs.10000/-

         c) Residential + Commercial use Rs.5000/-

         d) Industrial use Rs.25000/-

3) Road excavation Rs.2600/- per running meter (for tar and concrete road, pavements and foot paths)

4) Soil / Murum road excavation Rs.750/- per running meter

These Connection charges should be paid by challan at related Ward(Zonal) office.

08 Drainage NOC
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