Society is a body of individual owners who are experts in their respective fields. And a developer is experts in construction process. But the process of redevelopment should be carried out by keeping following aspects in mind

  1. The building should be designed to accommodate good lifestyle& it should be free from various problems like leakage etc.
  2. Documentation of whole process should be well maintained.
  3. All legal procedure with government, society, Dy. Registrar, Pune Corporation, revenue departments should be properly completed.

Here the role of PMC is highlighted. PMC is professional team who guides society during whole process. PMC don’t have defined role, but it varies on expertise of available with them. Few of expertise are as follows.

  1. Architects
  2. Structural engineer
  3. Civil engineer
  4. CA
  5. Advocate ( Legal advisor )


Role of various consultant in redevelopment

Role of an architect in redevelopment

  1. An architect plays a vital role in preparing the financial feasibility of project, conduct technical analysis of offers made by the developer to the society.
  2. He would verify the building plans prepared by the developer.
  3. Obtaining, checking & approval to drawing.
  4. Checking parking area, carpet area, society utility & service areas etc.
  5. Analysis & approval for submission drawing.
  6. Analysis & approvals for site execution drawings.
  7. Consultations throughout redevelopment process at every important situation.


Role of civil engineer in redevelopment

  1. A civil engineer would cross verify the RCC structure during construction.
  2. Check quality of material used during the process of redevelopment.
  3. Check specifications used by builder uring construction are per builders offer


Role of legal advisor in redevelopment


  1. Redevelopment agreement.
  2. Format of bank guarantee from the builder.
  3. Power of authority from the society to the developer.
  4. Agreement for alternate accommodation.
  5. MOU between the society and builder / developer.
  6. Appointment letter from the society to the builder / developer.
  7. Revocation / cancellation of power of attorney.
  8. Other duties associated with advocate
  9. Possession letter from the builder to the members.
  10. Format of the resolution to admit new members.
  11. List of documents required being collected from the builder.
  12. Indemnity bond by the developer
  13. Consent letters from the members to the society.




Redevelopment is most critical, risk oriented process in lifespan of society. Who understand your problems & worries through the decision process. PMC should ensure following things to society.


  1. Most important factors in selecting PMC is that PMC must consists of Architects with expertise in corporation bye laws & good command over various area calculations & loop holes. This point becomes most important as very few architects/experts practice in byelaws / Liaisoning sector.
  2. Ensure maximum benefit to all society members.
  3. Need to give impartial services.
  4. Require regular consultation for smooth process & easy decision making
  5. Safeguarding society rights.
  6. Transparency is important
  7. Require technically strong team.
  8. Must have one stop solutions for – legal, architectural, and financial, technical, structural consultant services.


PMC who has following agencies can provide better & prompt service

  • Builders / Developers
  • Contractors
  • Funding Agencies




    1. Suggestion whether society go for redevelopment, restoration or self redevelopment
    2. Suggestion & inputs for building specifications, corpus fund, additional area, amenity specifications, temporary accommodation arrangements.
    3. Preparing final tender documents
    4. Inviting tenders for developers / builders
    5. Short listing tenders & preparing comparison chart
    6. Inspection of agreement documents, check whether all clauses which may bring conspiracy in future are clearly mentioned.
    7. Checking developer strength, reputation & obtaining all necessary documents from them
    8. Verification of builder’s project report which explain how he is going to develop at the offers given by him.
    9. Suggestion & inputs on architects plan to improve quality of spaces, if possible.
    10. Frequent periodic site visits.
    11. Making Report of completion of all legal technical process which include various important factors like revocation of power of attorney, occupancy process & & all other factors a society & developer should do.
    12. Preparing list of all documents which society may require during redevelopment or in future after redevelopment. Suggestions on when & how to process all those documents & from whom it should be obtained, like developer,  CA , advocate, contractor, Pune corporation, Dy Registrar and any other government or private body.