15 Redevelopment Service



For successful completion of redevelopment, the office bearers of the society should be aware of the documents to be kept ready and the documents to be obtained from the builder


Important documents required for redevelopment.

  1. Society registration certificate.
  2. 7/12 extract.
  3. Conveyance deed.
  4. Title search report.
  5. Index ii
  6. A. Order
  7. City survey plan.( demarcation plan)
  8. Approved building plan.
  9. Commencement certificate.
  10. Occupation certificate
  11. Appointment letter to PMC.

Documents to be prepared for redevelopment.

  1. Feasibility report.
  2. Suggestions from members.
  3. Public notice for inviting the tender.
  4. Minutes of various meetings.
  5. Correspondence with different authorities.
  6. Obtaining permission from deputy registrar.
  7. Tender form.
  8. Summary of tenders received.
  9. Approval of tenders in the general body meetings and preparation of draft and final minutes.
  10. Appointment letters to advocate, structural engineers, architect, project management consultant etc.

Various Agreements & letters required for redevelopment.

  1. Redevelopment agreement.
  2. Format of bank guarantee from the builder.
  3. Power of authority from the society to the developer.
  4. Agreement for alternate accommodation.
  5. MOU between the society and builder / developer.
  6. Appointment letter from the society to the builder / developer.
  7. Revocation / cancellation of power of attorney.
  8. Other duties associated with advocate
  9. Possession letter from the builder to the members.
  10. Format of the resolution to admit new members.
  11. List of documents required being collected from the builder.
  12. Indemnity bond by the developer
  13. Consent letters from the members to the society.


What are the requirements from the developer?

  1. Project report from the developer as to how they would develop the property at the offers given by them.
  2. Copy of registration certificate.
  3. Partnership deed of the developer duly registered or memorandum of association (as the case may be)
  4. Name and address of all partners / directors along with their PAN.
  5. Address & Pan of the firm.
  6. Copy of balance sheet & P/L A/C to understand the financial strength of the firm.
  7. Income tax return filed for the last 3 years of the partners / directors of the company.