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What is feasibility Report?

Feasibility report in simple words means Redevelopment viability Report. Any building, when it is constructed was as per prevailing rules of that time. But allowable FSI, TDR & built up are keeps increasing on any plot. Study of feasibility of allowed maximum construction area, construction cost & other building byelaws which play major role in viability of Redevelopment Project is called as feasibility Report.

    There is no slandered format for feasibility report. But more detail in report is easier & accurate decision can take.

    Depending upon expertise available with Project management consultancy (PMC) or Architect, the report contains study of few or all points do detailed study & give 12-15 page report

When feasibility report is required?

  1. When society wants for redevelopment, 1st step is “FEASIBILITY REPORT”
  2. It should be very first step, even before finding Builder or any other step

Who will give feasibility report for redevelopment?

  1. An Architect can give this report
  2. Project management consultancy with Architect in their team generally gives more detailed reports.

Features of Feasibility Report

  1. Though the report is based on technical calculations, its presentation language must be simple & easy for common person.
  2. Due to knowing all ifs & buts, of whole process, society can take appropriate decision at every stage. Hence control of entire process remains in society’s hand.
  3. Feasibility report works as mainly risk reduction tool