For a redevelopment in Pune on a approach Road of 100 feet , FSI Index is 3

, My title is 1) Whether this is carpet or Built up area 2) Whether 15percent is to be added to it for Balcony 3) Whether further 15percent is to be added for Staircase or Lifts for cost calculation and Not for Carpet area Can we calculate Builtup (On 3 times Index+15percent Balcony )= 3.45 plus to Load 30percent= 4.485 as Builtup ?So for a plot of 50000 sq ft whether carpet will be 50000*3.45 =172500 ? and Builtup 224250 ?

Ramesh Bora
On October 30, 2020


There are different rules for built-up are calculations, better to connect with right person, you can call me on 9923364567

Ritesh Darda

On December 08, 2020