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Services Related to Home Renovation Contractor

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Trollies, Kitchen platform, Kitchen tiles, etc replacement.

Bathroom Renovation

Plumbing, Tiles, Shower, Commode, Basin, Ceiling replacement.

Hospital Architecture

Interior Renovation

Single room, full home, painting, false ceiling, furniture, etc

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I remember when I got in touch with foot2feet contractors when I thinking of home renovation. I am so impressed that I got done my work under budget and in given time frame. Great platform to find skilled contractors.
Harish Samne
The best part about hiring the bathroom contractor from foot2feet is they have all sorts of team for home improvement. Like tiling, furniture, electrician, plumber etc. And you get best service as per your requirement and budget.
Arvind Sharma
Yes! Foot2feet is the platform to meet the renovation companies in pune of your choice. I’m happy with the overall service. Now it’s your turn!
Mangesh Dolke

How to find best renovation contractor near me?

The Contractor who make improvements on an existing building or home is the Renovation Contractor. He replaces the old structure with the new model. At the same time, he creates a new appearance to home by renovating it. Renovation is also called as remodeling.There are many Types in renovation, where its Exterior Home improvements, Full home renovation or Kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, Interior renovation, etc. Foot2feet provides number of renovation contractors near your home to choose from.


Types of Renovation contractors                     

Renovation contractor falls in many types. As it depends on the type of project you need to renovate.  Few of them are listed below –

  1. Interior Renovation 
  2. Exterior Renovation 
  3. House Renovation                
  4. Bathroom Renovation               
  5. Kitchen Renovation 
  6. Architect for Renovation 

Cost of Home Renovation in Pune

Cost of renovation  varies as per various services offered by contractors. Like how old structure  is, its stability and aesthetic work, material quality, desired finishing and skilled labor for work.


FAQ about Renovation Contractor

1. Do Renovation contractor work in home improvement services?

Renovation contractors work in various home improvements, Like Bathroom renovation, Kitchen renovation, Painting of rooms, Tile replacement, etc


2. Can your contractor remodel my Kitchen in 75000 Rs?

Kitchen renovation can be done in your stipulated cost. It includes counter kitchen top replacement, install kitchen trolley and cabinet, dado replacement, etc


3. How much time is required for bathroom renovation ?

Renovation of bathroom takes  around 1 Month. A Good contractor adds an innovative and sustainable construction solutions at an outstanding value. Also gives timely delivery of new stylish and fascinating bathroom


4. How do I choose renovation contractor? 

Contractor selection process goes through following stages –

  1. Find your exact requirement.
  2. Plan your budget from online cost calculator.
  3. Invite contractors with their estimate.
  4. Check contractors previous work.
  5. Finalize contractor accordingly.
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