Structural Audit

Get audit of old and new building structures.

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What is structural audit?

It is a first step for deciding to go for redevelopment project. This report has to be carried out for all building/structures in society plot. Without structural report, society cannot go for redevelopment process.

Structural audit means, structural strength of society building is inspected by authorized structural engineer. The inspection includes following points.

1.    Structural drawing analysis. ( if available)

2.    On site inspection.

3.    Necessary structural stability tests ( if suggested by auditor)

In structural audit, the auditor will suggest whether society needs restoration or redevelopment.


When society go for structural audit ?

      a.    If building is old more than 30 years, building structure is damaged and in un repairable condition.

       b.  If structural audit consultant mentioned the condition of buildings & suggest whether society needs the redevelopment.

       c.  Even if building is less than 30 years old (building lifespan), but structural report suggest redevelopment than restoration,           society can go for redevelopment. 

Who can do audit?

       a.   Experienced structural engineer registered with competent authority.

       b.   His experience should be not less than 10 years in relevant field.