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Services Related to Labour Contractor

Skilled Labours

To perform Complex machinery work like JCB, Crane etc.

Semi-skilled labour

Carry out RCC work, brick work, internal & external plaster etc

Hospital Architecture

Unskilled Labour

Used to carry the materials & equipments to desired location.

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Foot2Feet is the best platform to get well trained skilled labours. The labours were expert in their domain which lead to carry out my construction more smoothly and effectively.
Pratik Kondapure
The best part about hiring labour contractor was everything was budgetary and within market prices. Getting everything at one platform saves a lot of Time and Energy.
Rohan Mane.
Yes! Foot2feet is the best labour supplier in Pune. The range of labours at on place makes our job very easy. Also found the labours very professional.
Pritam Rathi

1.     Know more about Labour Contractor   

An individual or a company who supplies the worker for a particular fees are the labour contractor. Labour or workers are hired for distinct task like construction of residential, commercial, industrial or institutional building, any interior or exterior work of home and many more construction activities. Labour contractor hires labour for a particular time as per contract with the client. However, the labour contract is deal between contractor and client in which contractor is assigned all the terms that labour are hired by the contractor and all the payments to the labours is contractors responsibility meanwhile all the raw materials will be provided by the client. Foot2feet have number of labour contractor in pune to choose from.

2.     Categories in Labour

  There are number of  categories in labour  required for construction activities. Labour Supplier needs to supply labour in various types    

  1.  Skilled Labour for complex equipment work, 
  2. Semiskilled Labour
  3. Unskilled Labour,
  4. Professional Labour etc.


FAQ about Renovation Contractor     (H2)


1.      How do I get manpower supply contractor? 

Foot2feet made easy to get all kind of labour contracting on fingertips. Just post your requirement on foot2feet and get manpower supply contractor. For example Contractor painter, etc.


2.      How is labour calculated for civil work?

According to the specification of work and quantity like excavation, earthwork, foundation, anti-termite treatment, column pits and wall trenches  labour is calculated for civil work


3.      In which activities contract labour is prohibited?

Employing contract labour for main activity of any factory or company is prohibited. You need to employ regular labour.


4.      Do Labour Contractor provide raw material?

It depends on the term of contract between contractor and client. As many contractor provides raw material also for which they charge additionally.

5.      How much do contractor charge for labour?

A very basic rates for labour or helper  starts from 200, and varies into Rs. 200 to Rs. 1000 per day  on types of labour like Mason worker, Tile layer, Shuttering or Bar bending, carpenter, plumber.



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