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Hospital Architecture

Residential Building Contractor

Bungalow, Residential Apartments, townships etc

Commercial Building Contractor

Shopping Complex, Malls, Schools, Colleges, etc

Industrial Building

Industrial Sheds, Warehouses, Godowns, etc

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I remember when I got in touch with foot2feet contractors when I thinking of construction of my Industry Shed. I am so impressed that I got done my work under budget and in given time frame. Great Service!!
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The best part about hiring the general contractor from Foot2feet is they have all sorts of team for all kind of work. Like tiling, furniture, electrician, plumber etc. And you get hassle free service as per your budget.
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Yes! Foot2feet is the platform to meet the construction companies in Pune of your choice. I’m happy with the overall service. The quality is at Par. Highly recommendable if you want to build a building.
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    1. Know more about Civil Contractor 

  A contractor which builds residential building, commercial buildings, farmhouses, Industrial sheds is called Civil Contractor. In addition to this he builds bridges, roads, dock, utilities, infrastructure and other similar constructions. In conclusion Civil contractors are responsible for execution of work activities that are required for the completion of project.

 2. Factors to consider while selecting Civil Contractor

  Choosing a civil contractor from so many construction companies  is the most important factor. You need to go through many things while selecting the best civil contractor near you. For example, Background check, certification check, quality of construction, track record of previous work etc

 3. What is the role of a general contractor ?

A general contractor is responsible to provide all the materials, labour, tools , equipments required on site from time to time. However a civil contractor in Pune often hires specialized sub contractors to carry out different activities in the construction work.

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FAQ About Civil Contractor 

1.      What are the 4 types of constructions?

Majorly, Construction of building falls in below types-

a.       Residential Building.

b.      Commercial and Institutional Building.

c.       Industrial Building            

d.      Infrastructure Building 

2. Is it it cheaper to build a home than buy it?

Yes!! It is cheaper to build a home than buy it in your expected budget. In other words you can build it on your own or hire a construction company to help you out.

3.      How do you calculate construction Cost?

You can get free estimates from contractor to know the construction cost. Here is a simple formula to calculate construction cost
Cost of construction = Area of plot x Construction rate per sqft

4.      What are the differences between Civil Engineer and General Contractor ? 

Civil engineer are people who design the project. Whereas general contractors are the people who takes on a project for implementing the designers specification in construction. However You can find Civil work contractor and general contractor on foot2feet.
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5.      Do contractors give free estimates?

Depend wise! Generally Construction companies near you offer a free estimate or charge as per depending on the project.

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