When authority can reject building Proposal in India?

Here Are different reasons for which a building proposal can be rejected by Planning Authority

  1. Proposed use of land like residential, shopping mall, office, hotel etc must be allowed in zone of that land.
  2. If plans submitted are not as per building rules of that area.
  3. Applicant do not submit all required documents in its prescribed format.
  4. If the site is not capable of being well drained.  it means If the level of the site is less than prescribed datum level depending on topography and drainage aspects.
  5. If it is within blue line or flood line of any water body like river, Nala, dam back water etc.
  6. If the use of the site is for the purpose, which will be a source of annoyance to the health and comfort of the inhabitants of the neighborhood.
  7. If land is under proposed road by any authority (National Highway, State highway, Major district road, Ordinary district road, Development plan road, DP Road, Village Road etc). For land partially affected by any road, owner of that property have to surrender road area to respective authority of that road. On remaining land he can construct after leaving front margin as per rules.
  8. If land is within 30 m from metro line or railway line. In this case owner will get FSI of affected area, but he will have to leave desired distance between building and railway track.
  9. If land is within 100 m airport boundary (after 100 m it is permissible as per permissible height from aviation department)
  10. If it is within 30 m from hill top hill slope or BDP zone.
  11. If balance portion of land after leaving all reservation on that land is non buildable then land cannot be developed
  12. If the property do not have access from an authorized road / street.
  13. If the land is within a prohibited distance of various red zones.
  14. If it is hilly and having slope more than 1:5.

Any land in India can only be developed under permissible land use, defined by planning authority (government body) in that region.

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