Uses Permissible in Residential Zones R2 in UDCPR 2020

Mar 03, 2024

Any city in India is divided into various land use zones: Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, Industrial, etc. So, there is a restriction on the use of land under any zone. For example, You cannot build a Commercial building in an Agricultural Zone, or You cannot build hazardous or high-end Industries in a Residential Zone. So here are the uses permissible in the Residential Zone R-2 as per UDCPR 2020 (UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT CONTROL AND PROMOTION REGULATIONS FOR MAHARASHTRA STATE).


This is applicable to all Planning Authorities and Regional Plan Areas except Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Other Planning Authorities / Special Planning Authorities / Development Authorities within the limit of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, MIDC, NAINA, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, Hill Station Municipal Councils, Eco-sensitive / Eco-fragile region notified by MoEF & CC and Lonavala Municipal Council, in Maharashtra.


Rule No. 4.4 Uses Permissible in Residential Zone R-2



(Residential Zone R-2 includes Residential plots abutting on roads having existing or proposed widths of 9.0 m. and above in congested areas and 12.0 m. and above in non-congested areas).

(In the case of C Class M.C.s, Nagar panchayats, and R.P. areas, the above road width of 12.0 m. shall be 9.0 m. in non-congested areas).

4.4.1 In this zone, the following uses, mixed uses may be permitted

i) All uses permissible in R-1 shall be permitted in the R-2 zone, without any restriction of area.

ii) All uses or mix uses may be permitted irrespective of restriction on floor or area, except uses mentioned at Regulation No.4.8(ii), 4.11(viii, xviii, xxi, xxii, xxxi, xxxvii), 4.21 and like.

iii) All Uses permissible in a Public Semi-public Zone.

4.4.2 Uses Permitted in Independent Premises /Buildings

i) Vehicle Fuel filling Stations, including LPG / CNG / Ethanol with or without service stations, subject to provisions of Regulation No.4.11(vi)(c, d, and e) and subject to provisions in Regulation No.6.2.2., Sr.No.6 of Table 6-E. (This station may include Electric Vehicle Charging Stations).

ii) Trade or other similar schools.

iii) LPG godown, bulk storage, and sale of kerosene are subject to NOC of the Chief Controller of Explosives, Government of India.

iv) Service Industries :- The Service Industries may be permitted in independent buildings/Plot as given below :-

a) The Following Industries may be permitted with power requirement not more than 10 H.P., employment not more than 9 persons and floor area not exceeding 100 sq.m.


i) Manufacture of milk and dairy products such as butter, ghee, etc.


ii) (a) Rice huller

(b) Groundnut decorticators

(c) Grain Mill for production of flour

(d) Manufacture of supari and Masala grindings


(e) Baby oil expellers

iii) Manufacture of bakery products with no Floor above


iv) Coffee, curing, roasting, and grinding

v) Manufacture of Ice

vi) Sugarcane crushing & Fruit Juice



i) Manufacture of bidi ( May be permitted in R-1 Zone also)




i)  Handloom/power-loom of yarn for a maximum of 4 looms


ii)  Embroidery & making of crape laces & fringes


iii)  Manufacture of all types of textile garments, including wearing apparel


iv)  Manufacture of made-up textile goods such as curtains, mosquito nets, mattresses, bedding material pillowcases, and textile bags, etc.




Manufacture of wooden furniture and fixtures




i)  Manufacture of cartons and boxes from papers and paper board, paper pulp


ii)  Printing & Publishing newspaper


iii)  Engraving etching, block making, etc.


iv)  Bookbinding (may be permitted in R-1 Zone also)




Repair of footwear and other leather




i) Re-treading and vulcanizing works


ii) Manufacture of rubber balloons, hand gloves, and allied products




i) Manufacture of metal building components such as grills, gates, Doors and window frames, water tanks, wire nets, etc.


ii) Tool sharpening and razor sharpening works




Repairs of household electrical appliances such as radio sets. Television sets, tape recorders, heaters, irons, shavers, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, air-conditioners, washing machines, electric cooking ranges, motor rewinding works, etc.




i) Manufacturing of pushcarts, hand carts, etc.


ii) (a) Servicing and repairing of bicycles, rickshaws, motorcycles and motor Vehicles


(b) Battery charging and repairs




i)  Manufacture of jewellery and related articles


ii)  Repair of watch, clock, and jewellery


iii)  Manufacture of Musical instruments and its repair


iv) (a) Repairs of locks, stoves, umbrellas, sewing machines, gas burners, buckets & other sundry household equipment


     (b) Optical glass grinding and repairs


v)  Petrol / CNG / Ethanol / All fuel filling / Electric Vehicle Charging Stations) subject to provisions in Regulation No.6.2.2., Sr.No.6 of Table 6-E


vi)  Laundries, Laundry service and cleaning, dyeing, bleaching and dry cleaning


vii)  Photo processing laboratories


viii)  Electronic Industry of assembly type (and not of manufacturing type including heating load)


(XII) Manufacture of structural stone goods, stone dressing, stone crushing and polishing, Manufacture of earthen & plaster states and images, toys and art wares, and Manufacture of cement concrete building components, concrete jallies, septic tank, plaster of paris work lime mortar, etc.


b) Following service industries may be permitted without restrictions mentioned in (a) above.




Canning & preservation of Fruits & Vegetables, Meat, and Fish, including production of Jam, Jelly, Sauce, etc.




Printing & Publishing periodicals, books, journals, atlases, maps, envelopes, printing pictures, post-card, embossing



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