Types of Land zone and its benefits

Jan 17, 2024


We cannot do any kind of building in any area. Use of land depends upon the land use zone decided by planning authority bylaws. Here are few sample uses in respective zone. Uses given here are to get rough idea of permissible use. These uses may change time to time as per authority policy. Also any use mentioned here have certain conditions for area, no of user, height, premises etc. 


R1 zone is residential zone with road below 12. (Below 9 m in congested area) R1 zone purely residential zone, but up to certain extent small committed / medical uses are permissible in R 1zone.

R1 & R2 zone are not separately shown in development plan, it is identified by access road width on site or in development plan. 

Following are uses permissible in residential zones 

  1. Any residential building or bungalow.
  2. Poly clinic laboratory, hospital up to 20 bed
  3. Hostel, old age homes
  4. House hold occupation(up to 1 hp electric load )
  5. Small professional offices (up to 50 sqm each)
  6. Small community halls, welfare centre, gymnasia(up to 100 sqm )
  7. Religious buildings
  8. Public libraries
  9. Club houses, parks and playgrounds (not being used for business purpose)
  10. Private coaching classes mess
  11. Electric industry (of assembly type up to up to 100 sqm)
  12. Convenience shops not more than 10 sqm
  13. Information technology establishment (ITE)
  14. Flour mill and wet / dry masala grinding, book binding (conditional)
  15. Burial grounds, cremation grounds and essential public utilities
  16. Raisin production
  17. Public conveniences.
  18. Agricultural, horticultural and allied uses (except agro-based industries).


R2 zone is residential zone with road below with 12 m & above, access road (9 m in congested area) almost all uses are permissible in R2 zone eg. Residential, commercial, hospital, institute etc. 

Following are uses permissible in residential zones 

  1. All uses permitted in R1 zone
  2. Up to certain extent commercial use may be permitted
  3. Stores, shop or showroom  for the conduct of retail business
  4. Professional offices
  5. Frozen food lockers, fast food and vending stalls.
  6. Storage of furniture, household goods etc.
  7. Repairs to all household articles (excluding auto vehicle)
  8. Veterinary dispensaries and hospitals.
  9. Repair, cleaning shops
  10. Paper box manufacturing including paper cutting
  11. Commercial halls, exhibition halls
  12. Art galleries, aquariums;
  13. Restaurants, eating houses, cafeteria, ice – cream and milk bars.
  14. Showroom for distribution and sale of LPG
  15. Coal and firewood shops.
  16. Polyclinics on separate floors,
  17. Residential hotels, boarding and lodging
  18. Book depot, medicine and chemist shops.
  19. Business/ corporate office
  20. Colleges, secondary schools, trade or other similar schools.
  21. Parking of automobiles and other light vehicles on open plots even as a business.
  22. Vegetable, fruit, flour, fish or meat market place.
  23. General agriculture and horticulture
  24. Correctional and mental institutions,
  25. Service industries (as decided by planning authority)


Commercial zone is shown in blue color on development plan; on payment of certain premium to planning authority commercial zone can be converted in residential zone. 

  1. Any use permitted in residential zone without area and floor restrictions.
  2. Business offices and exchanges
  3. Public utility buildings
  4. Headquarters organizations.


  1. Service industries
  2. Information technology establishments
  3. Storage buildings
  4. Drive-in -theaters, cinema or theaters
  5. The branches of scheduled banks.
  6. Any industry (subjected to fire officer permission)
  7. Banks, canteens, welfare center and such other common purposes considered necessary for the industrial workers, quarters of watchmen, caretakers or other essential staff required to be maintained on the premises (up to certain extent)
  8. On special permission by Commissioner, industrial zone can be converted in to residential zone.


Following are uses permissible in agricultural zones

  1. Farm houses
  2. Store godowns, ware houses
  3. Agricultural uses
  4. Golf course and links, race tracks, and shooting ranges.
  5. Brick, tile or pottery manufacture
  6. Fish farming.
  7. Sand clay or gravel quarries.
  8. Storage and drying of fertilizer
  9. Public utility establishments such as electric sub-stations
  10. Swimming ‘pools
  11. Amusement park
  12. Mining and quarrying
  13. Research and development centers
  14. Ancillary service industries for agriculture produce marketing and management
  15. Bio-technology unit
  16. Solid waste management, land fill sites, bio-gas plants, power generation from waste.
  17. Highways amenities such as motels, way-side restaurants, service stations, service godowns, factory outlets, highway malls, hyper malls alongwith public conveniences like toilets


  1. Pre-primary schools, primary schools, high schools, technical / trade schools, colleges, educational complex, hostels for students and essential staff quarters
  2. Hospital, sanatoria, dispensary, maternity homes, health centre, complex of such uses
  3. Training institutions
  4. Library, mangal karyalaya, gymnasium, gymkhana, water tanks, stadium, community hall, religious structures
  5. Commercial use (conditional)