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May 15, 2024


Know More About Title and Search Report


 A title and search report of property is a certificate or search report of the property that states whether the land have any debt or any financial liability or any sort of burden. A title search report (Also known as a Land search report) is very important in many cases such as to check the legal ownership and incase of disputed land.


What is Title and Search Report?


The title and search report of the property is a certificate stating the ownership of the land. This can be obtained from the advocate of the owner of the property and one can have his advocate inspect the report to find and make sure the title of the property.


Who conducts a Title Search and Issues a Report?         


It is obtained from the advocate. First, the essential documents such as Ferfar (Transfer of deed), and 7/12 certificate are collected. Then he checks the history from the document like the Loan history of the land, dispute of the land, etc. If the title and search report are required for 30 years then the 30-year-old records of Ferfarare generated. Generally, Search Reports and Title certificates for 13 years and 30 years are considered. Then the advocate gives the Title deed based on the available data.


When Title search report of the property is required?


In the process of buying and selling property; one who is buying the property asks for the title search report of the property and only after that decides to buy the property. The Title clear land is very important. It is also important in changing the ownership of the property for ex. handing the ownership from husband to wife, Father to son, etc.  These records are kept in ‘ferfar’ means transfer of deed. A title clear report is important in the land registry, Building permission sanctions, when you need the bank loan, and also during RERA registration of projects.


What are the document requirements for this service?


Mainly there are two documents required to obtain the Search and Title report – the 7/12 certificate (7/12 Extract) and Ferfar (Transfer of deed certificate)

  • Ferfar (Mutation entries) is for checking the ownership transfer history.
  • 7/12 Certificate shows the information about lands such as survey number, area, and many more.

With this minimum list of certificates, you can obtain a search and title report from a registered advocate.


Step by step Process for procuring search report –

  1. Obtain the Ferfar certificate from the government revenue department.
  2. Obtain the 7/12 for the number of years you want (the certificate for 7/12 can be generated online and also obtained from the Talathi office after application).
  3. Then advocate studies the documents and drafts a detailed document about the land. For example change of ownership of the land, adjoining land on east, west north, and south (road, plot, etc). It is also records loan history of the bank, if it is clear of all debts or not. If the loan is not clear then it is also recorded.
  4. After that, the advocate takes the sign and stamp of the concerned authority and registers the Title and Search Report. Then advocates issue the final land search report.

Title search reports various requirement              

In the case of buying and selling of the property, the buyer may ask for the deed title and then the seller has to provide the certificate title search to the buyer. It is equally important in other aspects such as bank loans, Rera registration, etc. When someone applies for a bank loan the bank asks for a title search report for 30 years. It is also important to obtain the building permission. For the building permission, the property title report is required for 30 and 50 years. It changes from corporation to corporation. The clean title search helps the buyer to make the further decision.  The search report of the property is equally important in the transfer of ownership land registry.


Time Required for the Process of Getting Title Search Report 


The time required for getting 7/12 and the transfer of deed means the certificate is 2 to 4 days. And to create a report it takes 2 to 5 days for the advocate. So in total to obtain a Deed of Title is the process of one week.


Consultant fees to get title search report


It varies from the area of the plot to and location of the plot. It starts from Rs 4000 and can go up to 40,000. As the work is private so cost varies according to the quality of the work. Also, the title search report cost in Pune varies for different service providers.


What all services do advocates can offer in land and construction?


Advocate deed, gift deed, deed of transfer of ownership, etc Advocates in Pune can help you with services like building stay orders, complaints against stay orders, compliance of any legal document related to land ownership, and having a big role in land deals & construction-related services. Sale deed, transfer deed, conveyance.


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