Recreational Open Spaces in UDCPR 2020

Mar 13, 2024

There are general regulations about any construction permissible on land and no piece of land shall be used as a site for the construction of a building if the site is not eligible for it.


If the Authority considers that the site is insanitary, incapable of being well-drained, or is dangerous to construct a building on it then it is not permissible to use this land as a site for construction.

For Example, if the site is in Defense land, Railway region Hilly region, or not drained properly in this case there one cannot construct anything on the land without considering the regulations. This information about reservations and their use is very important when someone starts actual planning, whether they are land owners, builders, or construction owners. It is a must-know information before purchasing land or starting construction on the land


UDCPR 2020 Chapter 3 is all about General Land Development Requirements.


This is Applicable to all Planning Authorities and Regional Plan Areas except Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Other Planning Authorities/Special Planning Authorities/ Development Authorities within the limit of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, MIDC, NAINA, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, Hill Station Municipal Councils, Eco-sensitive/Eco-fragile region notified by MoEF & CC and Lonavala Municipal Council, in Maharashtra.


Rule No. 3.4 Recreational Open Spaces


3.4.1 Recreational Open Space


Open space is the space left for recreational activities for the user of the plot. It remains part of the same land under the ownership of the society.


Generally, we have to leave 10% of the total plot are for any building or layout permission. Depending upon by-laws smaller plots, gunthewari plots, N.A., plots do not require an open-space area.


In any layout or subdivision or any development of land for any land use/zone admeasuring 0.4 ha. or more (after deducting area under D.P./R.P. road, D.P. Reservation including deemed reservation under these regulations, if any, from the total area under development), 10% of the area under layout shall be earmarked as recreational open space which shall, as far as possible, be provided in one place. In case of land admeasuring more than 0.8 ha, such recreational open space may be allowed to be earmarked at different locations in the same layout, provided that the size and other dimensions conform to the provisions herein below. However, the owner shall be at liberty to provide recreational open space of more than 10%.


i) The above-mentioned area of 0.4 ha., shall be measured with reference to the original holding as of 11th January 1967 and not with reference to sub-divided holding in revenue/city survey record thereafter without the permission under the Maharashtra Regional & Town Planning Act, 1966. However, this provision shall not be applicable to plots compulsorily got subdivided below 0.4 ha. Due to the D.P./ R.P. Roads/Road widening/reservations/deemed reservations or any other proposal of the Authority.


For the lands which are sub-divided after 11th January, 1967 without taking prior permission from the Authority and having plot area below 0.4 ha., the applicant may opt for any of the options from:-


a)  providing 10% open space subject to a minimum of 200 sq.m., or


b)  availing the reduced FSI of 75% of the basic FSI as otherwise permissible on such land. In such cases, loading of TDR shall be permissible to the extent of 50%, as mentioned in Chapter 6 on General Building Requirements - SETBACK, MARGINAL DISTANCE, HEIGHT, AND PERMISSIBLE FSI.


c)  avail full basic FSI and other permissible FSI/TDR by paying 10% of the value of the land under the proposal as per the Annual Statement of Rates for that year, without considering the guidelines therein.


(ii) For the plots having an area up to 0.4 ha. regularised under the Maharashtra Gunthewari Development (Regularisation, Upgradation, and Control) Act, 2001, no such open space shall be required for the development permission. However, for plots having an area of 0.4 ha. or more regularised under this Act, all the provisions of UDCPR, including Recreational Open Space and amenity space, shall be applicable.


Not more than 50% of such recreational open space may be provided on the terrace of a podium in a congested /non-congested area subject to Regulation No.9.13.



(iii) Notwithstanding anything contained in the definition of “Recreational Open Space” in these regulations, such recreational open space to the extent of 100% may be allowed to be provided on the terrace of a podium if owner/developer provides 1.5 m. a strip of land along plot boundary, exclusive of marginal distances, for plantation of trees.


(iv) In case of lands declared surplus or retainable under the Urban Land (C. & R.) Act, 1976, if the entire retainable holding or entire surplus holding independently admeasures 0.4 ha or more, then 10% recreational open space shall be necessary for respective holding.


(v) Such recreational open space shall also be necessary for group housing schemes or campus/cluster planning for any use/zone.


(vi)  Such open space shall not be necessary:-


a)  in cases of layout or subdivision of plots from a layout already sanctioned by the Authority, irrespective of the percentage of open space left therein.


b)  for the development of the reservations in the Development Plans designated for the purpose other than residential.


c) for the uses other than Residential, Industrial, and Educational permissible in the Agricultural zone.


(vii) In the case of the development of land for educational purposes, in lieu of 10% recreational open space, the following percentage of the gross area (or as decided by the Government from time to time), excluding the area under Development/Regional Plan road and Development Plan reservations, shall be earmarked for playground. Notwithstanding anything contained in this regulation, the shape and location of such open space shall be such that it can be properly used as a playground. The area of such playground shall not be deducted for computation of FSI. The independent playground of the institution attached with the school building shall also be entitled to the computation of FSI.


Provided that, in case of area more than 1.0 ha. such area to be earmarked for playground shall be as under:-


Sr. No.Gross Area of LandPercentage of Playground
1Upto 1 ha.40%
2Above 1 ha. and up to 2 ha.area as per 1 + 35% of the remaining area
3Above 2 ha. and up to 3 ha.area as per 2 + 30% of the remaining area
4Above 3 ha. and upto 4 ha.area as per 3 + 25% of the remaining area
5Above 4 ha.area as per 4 + 20% of the remaining area


Provided further that, in cases where space for such playground is not available because of development permissions already granted by the Authority for education purposes and work is completed, such space for playground may not be insisted.


viii) Such recreational open space shall not be entirely proposed in marginal distances/setbacks, or a major part of it shall not be proposed in marginal distances/setbacks. However, such recreational open space, bigger than marginal distances and confirming to Regulation No.3.4.6, may include part of marginal distances/set back area, if such recreational open space is proposed adjoining to plot boundary.



3.4.2 Recreational Open Space - Owner’s Undertaking


The owner shall give an undertaking that the recreational open space shall be for the common use of all the residents or occupants of the layout/building unit.


i) On sanction of the development permission, the recreational open space shall be deemed to have been vested in the society/association of the residents/occupants of the layout/building unit except as specified otherwise. In case such society or association is yet to be formed, the owner shall give an undertaking to the Authority at the time of occupation certificate in case of Group Housing Scheme and at the time of final approval in case of plotted layout, that he will transfer the recreational open space at a nominal cost of Re.1/- to the society/association whenever it is formed. The recreational open space shall not be sold/leased out/allotted/transferred for any purpose, to any other person, and it shall not be put to any other use except for the common use of society/association of the residents/ occupants as mentioned in Regulation No.3.4.7.


ii) If the Authority is convinced that, either the owner has failed to abide by the undertaking or such open space is being used in violation of the provisions as prescribed in these regulations, then the Authority shall take over possession of such land of recreational open space for maintaining it for the uses permissible in these regulations, subject to condition that it shall not be further handed over or allotted to any person/institute/authority other than the society/association of the residents/occupants.


Provided that, it shall not bar the return of the possession of such open space to the original society/association of plot owners, after taking due undertaking to that effect.


Provided further that the cost incurred by the Planning Authority on maintenance of such Recreational Open Space shall be recovered as arrears of dues to the Authority from the owner/society/association of the residents/occupants till reversion of the possession.


3.4.3 Recreational Open Space - Rearrangement


No permission shall be granted to delete/reduce open spaces of the existing sanctioned layout/subdivision. However, while revising the layout, such recreational open space may be rearranged without a decrease in area subject to the minimum prescribed area under these Regulations with the consent of plot/tenement holders / co-owners, but such revision of recreational open space shall ordinarily not be allowed after a period of 4 years from 1st final sanction. However, such revision of open spaces may be allowed after 4 years also, where plots in the layout are not sold or transferred.


3.4.4 Recreational Open Space - Exclusive


The open spaces shall be exclusive of means of access/internal roads/designations or reservations, roads, and areas for road widening in the Development Plan/Regional Plan.


3.4.5 Recreational Open Space in Green Belt


Such recreational open space may be allowed to be earmarked, partly or fully, in the green belt area shown on the Development Plan after leaving a distance of 15.0 m. from the river and 9.0 m. from nallah, provided, such recreational space is sizable as required under these regulations. Provided that, the only use and structures permissible under Regulation No.4.11 on Land Use Classification and Permissible Uses on Agriculture Zone in respect of Green belt, may be permitted in such open space.


3.4.6 Minimum Dimensions


The minimum dimension of such recreational open space shall not be less than 10.0 m. and if the average width of such recreational open space is less than 20 m., the length thereof shall not exceed 2 1⁄2 times the average width.


3.4.7 Structures Permitted in Open Space


If required, structure and uses that can be permitted without counting in FSI in the recreational open spaces shall be as under:-


i) There may be a maximum two storeyed structures with a maximum 15% built-up area of recreational open space, out of which, built-up area on the ground floor shall not exceed 10%. In case of stilt, additional floors may be allowed.


ii)  The structures used for the purpose of the pavilion, gymnasia, fitness center, clubhouse, vipassana, and yoga center, crèche, kindergarten, library, or other structures for the purpose of sports and recreational activity (indoor or outdoor stadiums, etc., as per availability of area) may be permitted. Utilities such as water tanks (underground or elevated), electric substations, generator sets, pump houses, garbage treatment, and public health outposts/centers may be permitted only with the consent of the society of residents. Religious structure may be allowed with the permission of competent Authority as decided by the Government from time to time.


iii)  No detached toilet block shall be permitted.


iv)  A swimming pool may also be permitted in such a recreational open space. The ownership of such structures and other appurtenant users shall vest in all the owners on account of whose cumulative holdings the recreational open space is required to be kept in the land.


v)  The proposal for the construction of such structure should come as a proposal from the owner/s, owners’ society/societies, or federation of owners’ societies and shall be meant for the beneficial use of the owners/ members of such society/societies/federation of societies.


vi)  The remaining area of the recreational open space shall be kept open to the sky and properly accessible to all members as a place of recreation, garden, or a playground.


vii)  The owners’ society/societies, the federation of the owners’ societies shall submit to the Authority, a registered undertaking agreeing to the conditions in (v) & (vi) above while obtaining permission for the above said construction.


3.4.8 Recreational Open Space and Means of Access


Every plot meant for a recreational open space shall have an independent means of access. In the case of a group housing scheme, if such recreational open space is surrounded by or located along buildings and is meant for use by the occupants of those buildings, then independent means of access may not be insisted upon.


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