Pre Construction Tips 7 Things to Check

Jan 17, 2024

Planning to start a constructional project? Good! But do you really know following things?

what you need to do to reach the construction phase? One may have various question in mind. like

What are the things to consider before building a house?

Different stages of building construction?

Is there any list of preconstruction services ?

What are pre construction planning stages ?

  A lot of us think that construction of a building only needs architects, a bunch of labors, electrician, plumbers, and money. Well, we don’t blame this way of thinking since we have always been portraying this picture when construction is concerned. But every construction project begins only after clearing all the essential legal pre-construction activities. This pre-construction process is little difficult but it make your home or building legally strong & sound. 

Tip – 1

Legal clearance of Land to get site control

The major benchmark before starting any construction process is to gain the complete site acquisition. Complete all the legal process that would define you as the site owner or something that legally gives you the site control. If you are thinking for the reason of its importance let us tell you that mostly the financing sources are unable to release the funds unless and until you have the site control.

These includes – 7/12, property card, Land demarcations, Title & search report, All mutation entries (ferfar), Society allotment letter, sale deed etc

Tip -2

Obtain the project financing

No project can stand strong if the finances are poor. So before starting any of the construction processes make sure you have strong financing in place. But what does actually in place mean? Not every penny can be ready and in hand, the least you could on your end is make sure your financing parties will deliver your need on time effortlessly. There are a lot of banks that offer constructional and another financing for a single project.

Not all Pre-constructional planning phases are in sequence so need to keep the department of financing alert as anything might come up anytime.

For financing you may need following documents –

Land ownership documents (given in tip -1 ), Pan card, Aadhar card, 3 years IT return statement, project estimate, Blue prints, documents of mortgage, salary slip (if any) etc.

Tip – 3

Architectural construction documents & Approvals

Before starting any pre-construction activity the third-party approvals are very important since you cannot start any construction without approval from local planning authority. A general contractor or your architect can get it done on your behalf. Generally, your project will be  reviewed by three main entities –

 – Approval plans & Building drawings

 – Construction team & their licences (contractor, architect, plumber, structural engineer)

 – Health & safety related assurance

 – Precautions to be followed during construction

 – Building rules of local area

Tip – 4 

Site Clearance and Installation of safety measures.

Building foot-print & 2m surrounding space should be cleared on site to start construction. Approach road to the construction area should be cleared so that construction equipments like RMC, JCB, Piling Machine, trucks carrying building material can reach the construction area easily.

Any accident happened on site can bring legal stay on project. Hence appropriate measures for labour safety must be taken.  

Tip – 5

Be Ready with Precise Project Management Plan

As you move forward by finalizing the different components of the project you need to invest your time tailoring the elite project management practices and plans to execute it. If you want to keep your project on track your team must know what the plan is and get ready to deliver it efficiently. 

Schedule your activities considering climatic conditions eg- complete under ground activities like foundation & footing before Rainy season. Plan your activities considering various speed up techniques, like 3rd floor slab & 1st floor brick work can be done simultaneously. 

Tip – 6

Appointment of Good Consultants – 

There is a great difference between knowing something and analyzing something. We recommend you to select consultant’s who not only listen you but analyze your needs properly. Here is list of various consultants for your construction –

Design Architect, Liasoning agency, Structural Consultant, Civil Contractor, Site Supervisor, Plumbing and Electrical consultant (MEP), Landscape Architect, Interior Designer.

Tip – 7

Estimate of Time

Estimate time required for completion of your project. This time must be calculated on real experiences of your surrounding projects. This will help you to plan your shifting (if you are currently using land for some purpose). All your day to day activities like office, job etc will be disturbed during this time. Time estimate will help you to manage it well.

Even during construction you will have to keep follow up to your schedule so that everything is done on time.