Must Know Factor of Your Land

Jan 17, 2024

Are planning to buy / sell any land ? 

Are  you looking to develop a land ? 

Are you looking for joint venture of you land with any builder ? 


Here is what you must know about your land before you buy it.

  1. For any Investment in land for Buy , Sell, Develop or Joint venture legal rights, clear 7/12 extract (7-12 उतारा), title clear certificate, with no litigations or with undisputed rights to seller are must.
  2. There is also a common misconception for that clear ownership rights is all enough for any kind of development (eg-  residential, bungalow, commercial, industrial, institutional etc…) Title & search report clarify ownership rights of land but it does not clarify development uses of the land. So a wise decision in land deal is to consider various parameters of land development. Few of them are explained below

Zone of plot –

  1. Land zone is most important factor for any kind of use of land. Planning authority plans various zones in development Plan. These zones are like Residential (R zone), Commercial Zone, Industrial Zone, Agriculture Zone…
  2. One cannot develop the land for any other purpose except those decided by planning authority or government. (eg- residential building, industry etc…)
  3. Zone conversion is not easy to go process. Unless it matches certain parameters of access road, distance from Gotham, land area etc. zone cannot be converted.
  4. Most of cases zone change is permitted after payment of certain charges to government.

Access Road –

  1. Many times plot are purchased with 10 feet or 20 feet access road. It do not serve all development purpose of user.
  2. eg – commercial building must have min 12 M road. (In non congested area)
  3. On any highway or major roads, one cannot develop area without leaving certain distance from road.
  4. If access road is not of required width then planning authority do not allow such development.

Reservations –

  1. Reservation are not necessarily to be marked on site. So verification in development / regional plan & on site is recommended.
  2. Most of the natural reservations cannot be developed & no FSI / TDR as compensation is given to owner. These natural reservation include River blue Line, Area Under Nala, Hill Top & Hill slope, BDP (Bio Diversity Park), etc…
  3. For some reservations owner gets FSI / TDR (sometimes 2 times of land area) after handing over such land to authority. Eg – D.P Road, Garden, Metro station, Fire station etc…
  4. Some reservations can be developed by owner/ developer under certain restrictions.

Factors affecting planning and construction area –

  1. Various factors affect plot & permissible development on such plot. In such case desired construction area may or may not be achieved.
  2. These factors are like plot shape, plot sizes, land slope, Height limitations etc…
  3. Few other factors are like Electric lines, building control line, buffer zone, distance from railway line, airport vicinity zone, etc.. Plot in these cases can be developed after leaving certain distance from such factors.