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Hospital design plans

Plain Table Survey

Mainly used for small or medium sized Plain Residential Land.

Hospital Architecture

Contour Survey

Useful in Sloping areas to understand the difference in elevation of existing land.

Hospital Interiors

Detailed Survey

Performed in both plain land and in Contour Land.

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Valuable advice: We took their advice and decided to go with them for our land survey for bore well. They gave me no. of economical Land survey company contacts in pune.
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Know More About Land Survey (Jamin Mojani)

Land surveying also known as jaminmojani is the process of establishing or reestablishing corners, lines, boundaries, and monuments of real property (land), based upon recorded documents, historical evidence, and present standards of practice. Though,it is not only relatable to only. Survey can be done for hills, tree plantation, roads, etc.  In land survey it is done to get proper center line marking, to measure the plot and building marking based on that both center line and plot measurement. It is also done for road measurement. Foot2Feet provides online consultation for jaminmojani in and around Maharashtra.

1. What are the major types of land survey?

The land survey is majorly categorized in to 4 categories and they are:

1)      Plain table survey

2)      Contour Survey

3)      Detailed Survey

4)      Boundary Construction survey

Plain table survey

The plane table survey is the method or technique where the fieldwork and plotting work is done simultaneously, and no official work is required. The plane tabling is generally adapted for surveys in which high accuracy is not required. It is mainly used for small-scale or medium size residential land survey. In this, Surveyor will come to your place & take plot measurement by his machine. After survey done he will give cad file & to the scale print of plot measurement.

Contour Survey

Contour survey procedure is very simple. It is the process of elevation of various points on the land and fixing these points of same horizontal positions in the contour map. In terms of land property, a contour is called to the outline of a mass of land. Main focus of conducting contour surveys is to understand any noticeable difference in elevation of the existing land. In land surveying a contour map is a map that shows contour lines, for example a topographic map, which thus shows valleys and hills, and the steepness or gentleness of slopes.

Detailed Survey

As the name suggests, detailed survey shows the details about the mapping. The detailed survey can be done in both plain tabled and contour survey. And when it comes to perform any kind of survey then Foot2Feet is the best platform to meet the best private land surveyor in pune area.  

Boundary construction survey

The boundary survey begins with a boundary or cadastral surveyor measuring, marking, and mapping the boundary lines of land ownership. The surveyor then thoroughly examines the historical records relating to the property being purchased as well as the lands’ adjacent properties.


What is the process of land survey (Jamin Mojani)?

Jaminmojani can be done by either way (Manually and with the help of Advanced tool). But the most preferable way is by using total station.


The total station is the tool designed for measuring of flat distances, horizontal and vertical angles and scaling in topographic and geodetic works, tachometric surveys, as well as for solution of application geodetic tasks. The best part about total station is that measurement results is stored into the internal memory and can be transferred to a computer as well.


The land surveyor visits the site and determines what kind of land it is; if it rocky, if it is rustic or a hill. Surveyor observers the land with the help of this tool and notes whatever is found. It eliminates the need of assistant that holds the retroreflector as the tool station is fully automated. The result that is generated with tool station is : Angle of the land, distance of the land, coordinate of land. 


2. What is next process after land survey?

Once the surveying of a property is done, surveyor draw up a plan for their client and if it isrequired, they lodge the subdivision plan with equivalent State Government department.

The boundaries registered by land surveyors are then recorded in the S

3. What is the use of the jamin mojani in Building construction?

tate’s land information system. It includes the boundaries of private propertyand government land, survey plans, survey field records, ownership information, easements and other land information.

The jaminmojani (Land survey) has much importance in building as it is the initial process that every builder must follow. It includes the following types of surveys.


1)      Plot Measurement:

      On the initial stage the plot measurement is done. The plot measurement gives the clear idea about the shape and structure of the plot. This information becomes important for further measurement. This is done by total station machine hence also called as total station survey.


2)      Center line marking:

       When the plot measurement is completed, the land surveyor then uses the report and then decides the center line of the plot. The center line then used for building marking of the plot


3)      Building marking on plot:

      With the record from plot measurement survey and center line marking survey the building marking on plot is done. The whole automated survey is helpful to bring the accuracy in measurement

4)      Land survey for well and borewell:

       Land survey is also useful to get the measurement for well &borewell.

5)      Land survey for farming:

Apart from building use, land survey is known technique for surveying of the farm. It can also be used for tree plantation and other farming related applictions

4. Why land survey is preferable?

There are many benefits of jaminmojani with automated tool. Some of the important benefits are mentioned below.

1)      Accuracy

2)      Time Saving

3)      Reliable

4)      Reduces Human Error

5)      Able to evaluate in larger area in less time

6)      Possible for every kind of land

5. When Land surveying is done?

Land survey is actually done for varied range of projects from planning and design of new or existing infrastructure, land and building development, construction that includes buildings, roads, bridges, sports fields, farming,  tree plantation etc., to monitoring and environmental measuring.

6. What is the Land Survey Cost in India?

The cost of the Land survey is calculated as per acers.  The Land survey cost per acre in pune is around RS 2500 to RS 3000. The price structure is best of our knowledge and the price may vary as per the government rules and norms.

11 Land Survey
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