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Foot2feet’s Landscape contractor helped us to deliver the Eye catchy design of my backyard garden. It turned out very creative. Great platform to find skilled contractors.
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The best part about hiring the garden contractor form Foot2feet is the design and implementation is very strategic and engaged. Great platform to find highly professional contractors.Always recommended!!

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Yes! I very impressed by landscape design under the budget and given time frame. In addition landscaping maintenance is highly appreciable! I’m happy with overall service. Now it’s your turn!

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1.     Know more about Landscape Contractor

The contractor installs planting elements suggested as per Landscape architects garden plan. This contractor is known as landscape contractor. To provide clear and grade to the land, build decks, patios, paving, masonry, walls, rock scapes, water features are the key work of landscape contractors. In addition, Install and manage irrigation system, creating special elements like fountain, swimming  pool, waterfall etc. In short implementing the landscaping ideas  provided by landscape gardeners.



      2.     Types of Landscape contractor


Types of Landscape contractors are stated below –

1.       Planting Contractor

2.       Civil Work Contractor (Pathway, Driveway, Gazebo, etc)

3.       Swimming pool & Other waterbody Contractor

4.       Lighting Contractor 

         5.   Fabrication Contractor


      3.     Cost of Landscape Plan


Landscaping can be appreciable investment who add value to your home. The cost of landscape plan defers on many alterable variables such as size of your property and elements you want to include in the design for example,swimming pool, gazebo, pergola, waterfall, water pond, lawn area, landscape lighting, vertical garden etc. Hence the quote for gardening can best be given by a Landscape contractor. 



FAQ about Landscape Contractor



1.      How much does landscaping cost per sq ft? 

Cost for Landscaping goes around 250 -300 Rs per sq.ft. depending upon the landscape design plans.


2.      How to select species in vertical garden plants?


                    Vertical garden has unique design and selection of species. Following factors are considered while selection of plants for Vertical garden  – the local- and micro climate, sun                              exposure and the surrounding context. The aim is to create a one of a kind and site-specific garden that stands beautiful through all the seasons of the year.


3.      How often should lawn mowing be done? 

Lawn Mowing basically depends on the growth and desired height of the lawn.  Likewise weekly mowing is the rule however cutting more often for some lawns is required as they grows rapidly.


4.      What is included in landscaping maintenance?

Landscape maintenance includes all necessary services like lawn fertilization, lawn mowing, cleanup, mulching, pest controlling, tree and shrub insect treatments, edging, trimming and leaf removal.


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