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2 -3 Bhk Flat Interior

Furniture layout, design, False Ceiling, Paint, Wallpaper, Artifacts etc.

Restaurant Interior

Interior of cafe, restaurants, Roof top restaurants etc.

Hospital Architecture

Office Interior

Waiting area, Workstations & Cabin designing

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Yes!! I’ve done my 2Bhk Flat interior from foot2feet’s team. The design was very simple, minimalist and contemporary. They provides me best home design!!
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I will always recommend the foot2feet’s Interior Designer. I’ve Got the best bedroom design within budget and time. Thank you foot2feet.
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Foot2feet is a platform to meet complete team required for interior designing. Work was done very smothly with completely transparency.
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1.     Know more about Interior Designer                                                                                          

Art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment is the core purpose of an Interior Designer. Many types of drawings, sketches, and diagrams are used in the design of buildings and spaces within. 3d views are used to explore and refine home décor ideas and information as the design process takes place.

2.     Roles of an Interior Designer –

An interior designer is not only the advisor to the client. But also  the contractor in their procurement of product layouts, plans and installation of materials chosen for the design scheme. However, an interior designer practices a discipline that looks after designing all aspects of the interiors of an area. In addition it includes elements like flooring, windows, walls, lighting, furniture, doors and miscellaneous design items. The purpose of interior design is ordinarily to create a place that is both comfy and appealing.

3.     Time require for House Interior

On an average, Designer will take 15 to 20 days to design the 2Bhk flat Interior, 3Bhk Flat Interior or 4Bhk Flat Interior. When Interior Designer Finalize the design as per your requirement then the contractor will take 25 – 60 days to execute it. However, civil work like increasing the space, removing of a wall, kitchen extension may add on 15 – 20 days more depending upon the size of the work.

4.     Cost required for Interior design

Cost required for the Interior design is totally depends on the architect you select. As some of Interior designers may charge the cost for 2 Bhk flat Interior design on lump sum basis on other hand some Interior design architect may charge at from 7.5% of total cost of interior project. You can also check the professional fees taken by architect Click here


5.     Most Popular Styles of Home Designs

Interior design options for homeowners are vast. Home Decoration contrast with some looks based entirely on functionality and efficiency while other styles share overlapping elements. With so many styles, homeowner’s have the option of following a specific genre closely or tailoring a mixture of genres into their homes. Before choosing a style, get to know all your options here with to the most popular styles amongst homeowners today as follows –

        i.            Modern Interior Design- These sleek interiors are open and airy, with minimal clutter. Simple color schemes are chosen for walls, ceilings, doors, cabinets, and light fixtures. A neutral palette using grey, cream, white, or black is most often used. However, colorful palettes can be used to create a bolder appearance if desired. Regardless of the color palette, the variation of colors used is kept to a minimum for a given space.
      ii.            Contemporary Interior Design- This style overlaps with modern and transitional, but has its own defining characteristics. Contemporary interior design is much more a reflection of “current” decor. The look is never outdated or overstated in appearance, but instead takes on a refined and approachable appearance.
    iii.            Minimalist Interior Design – Minimalism has become very popular in recent years. It’s a style based on efficiency and practicality. Colors for ceilings, cabinetry, and floors are generally muted tones, white and grey are commonly used for walls. Lighting is purely functional and never overly decorative. Minimalist design works well for both small and large spaces. Generally, this design is popular for open-floor plans and works well with natural lighting.
     iv.            Mid-century Interior Design – This design style takes a sleeker and more refined approach to looks from the 1950s and 1960s. Mid-century style has always been based on functionality, which increased the popularity of the style during its original era and has encouraged its resurgence today. It’s a timeless style that you can expect to see in the spotlight for years to come. Older and younger generations alike are pursuing this interior design style for their homes.
       v.            Industrial Interior Design-This style pairs a “raw” aesthetic with utilitarian installations and lighting. Minimal furnishings are used to achieve this look and quite often composed of salvaged items. Or, the items can take on the appearance and textures of salvaged materials. Reclaimed wood and metal are popular elements for this design style.

       vi.           Bohemian Interior Design– This style stands on its own but is comparable to an eclectic style. It borrows and fuses elements from other styles in a successful manner. It’s a style that borrows from the East, with large Mediterranean archways and sometimes ornate decorative metal work on cabinetry, doors, or mantles. It incorporates bold colors, patterns, and elegance with a touch of rustic flair.

    vii.            Rustic Interior Design – Rough-hewn wooden ceiling beams, unpolished barn-wood floors, and warm low lighting, theses are all characteristics of what you’ll encounter in a truly rustic home. Traditionally, this is a style that is represented by cabins and farmhouses.

    viii.           Traditional Interior Design – This style plays on elements from old world Europe. Classic European design uses ornate moldings, dark cherry wood, and organic lines. It contrasts dark reds, browns, blacks, and blues against lighter earth tones. This style incorporates luxurious textiles like silk and velvet.

      ix.           Victorian Interior Design –  This style works well with older Victorian homes and for homeowner’s who love antiques. It’s a luxurious and elegant taste that is anything but simple or utilitarian. This interior design style uses deep rich, dark color palates and bold patterns. The walls are commonly covered in patterned bold wall paper and the floors are built from dark-hued solid wood.

      x.           Art Deco Interior Designer – Art Deco has a unique and distinct appearance pulling from the parlor style of the 1920s and the contemporary art world. In the early 1900s, this style became quite popular in Europe and the United States. Influenced heavily by Art Nouveau and Cubism, it’s an artistic and streamlined style.


6.     Factors involved in 2 Bhk Flat Interior

As design development,the evolution of a 2Bhk flat interior is not a sequential process but a process of continuing interaction, feedback, and reevaluation. Interior designers benefit from gaining an understanding of human behaviors as it relates to privacy, territoriality, and other issues. 


  1. Bedroom Design – Bedrooms go well beyond the minimal to include various ancillary functions such as entertainment, study, and reading and therefore can include an array of furnishings, including items used for storage such as dressers, chests,shelves, night tables, and clothing. Seats or chairs, lamps, and mirrors are often included, as are desks. It is especially common to include desks in rooms meant for children or students, as the bedroom commonly serves as a study area.
  2. Kitchen Interior – Kitchens that meet the lifestyles, culinary interests, and aesthetic preferences of owners are important components of custom home design as well as new construction and kitchen remodeling.Kitchen remodeling continues to be a significant component of the construction industry.
  3. Bathroom Interior Design- Bathrooms have proliferated in quantity in our homes because many home owners prefer a bathroom for each bedroom or, at the very least, an owner’s suite with bathroom, a youngster’s and/or overnight guest’s bathroom, and a partial bathroom—often called a powder room

7.     FAQ about Interior Designer

        i.            How much does it cost to furnish a 1000 Sqft house?

Getting good and fast service for house interior is one of the toughest challenge. It costs around 8-10 Lakhs for a 1000sq.ft. of house interior. Also interior design range is very wide. It sometimes also goes aroung 15-20 lakhs for the same area. The entire game is of the materials we use.


      ii.            What is 60 30 10 decorating rule?

The 60 30 10 is a classic decor rule which adds to create a color palette for a space, it indicates that decorate 60% of the room with dominant color, decorate 30% of the room with secondary colour or texture and the remaining 10 % of the space should be an accent

    iii.            What is the most popular furniture style?

In modern days, Mid-Century Modern is the style known for the most iconic furniture.

     iv.            How many colors should a house have?

Generally for cohesive color palette use no more than 5 distinct color throughout your home, so u can choose a white, neutral and 3colors. Certainly that doesent mean you are limited to only 5 paint colors

       v.            How long does it take to design the interior of house?

On an average it takes about 5 -6  weeks to complete a 2 bhk house interior. For larger house say 3 or 4 bhk it takes around 8 -10 weeks. The process does not include two or three initial design concepts, final design. Desiging takes around 15 -20 days.

     vi.            How do I decorate single room apartment?

Firstly, you need to decide and to do the segregation of areas like which areas would house the bed, sofa or chairs, and the kitchen. Secondly dividing the room, keep in the mind the window placement of your room and artificial light too. Smartly planning the layout of single room apartment will not only create some privacy but also it gives overall decor and lighting of the room according the function it would be used for.

   vii.            What is the most popular interior design style?

Modern interior, Mid – century Modern, Minimalist, Scandinavian, Industrial style, contemporary interior design, urban style interior, exposed brick and traditional or classic interior style are the most popular interior design style.


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